Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
Columbia/Tri-Star // PG-13 // June 27, 2003
Review by Shannon Nutt | posted July 6, 2003
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It's more of the same as Charlie's Angels return for a second run at box office gold, and while this sequel is about as thin in terms of plot as a movie can get, much like the first film, it is a visual feast for the eyes and not the worst way to spend a couple hours of your time.

Although it's based on a TV show and doesn't really fall into the "comic book" genre, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle may be the best attempt at making a comic book movie we've seen this summer at least from a visual aspect. Director McG's music video background is obvious in this sequel which plays more like a series of long music videos than it does an actual movie.

The story, what little of it there is, revolves around the Angels attempt to regain two "rings" which, when put together, reveal the list of everyone in the government's witness protection program. I won't comment on how similar this idea is to the one from the original Mission Impossible film, since plot here is really only secondary to sexy shots of the three lead stars mixed with Matrix-style fights and stuff blowing up.

Of course, as far as the cast goes, the two big stories of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle are Bernie Mac taking over the role of Bosley (from Bill Murray) and Demi Moore returning to the big screen as the Angels' nemesis in this movie. Both do quite a good job here, with Bernie being just as much fun to watch on screen as Murray was in the last picture, and Moore one-upping the younger Angels by showing off a body that may be older, but couldn't be in more perfect shape.

The real question here is if all this is worth your hard-earned movie dollar. And the answer depends on what kind of entertainment you are looking for. If you want something with a decent (or at least understandable) story in addition to great action, you'll probably be better off checking out something else. However, if you just want to leave your brain at the door and give your eyes a real treat (with a lot of explosions and, of course, a lot of PG-13 rated cleavage), then Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle should satisfy.

Since I didn't go into this one expecting much, I feel I got my money's worth from this sequel. It isn't going to win any awards to be sure, but for an evening of lighthearted, occasionally humorous, eye candy, this sequel fit the bill quite nicely.

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