American Wedding
Universal // R // August 1, 2003
Review by Shannon Nutt | posted August 2, 2003
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The last thing moviegoers needed this summer was another pointless sequel. But, look out, here comes American Wedding, the third and final installment of the American Pie series and although the attempts at humor are even more gross than in previous installments, any actual humor is almost non-existent in this film, and so we are left with the sentimental bits (which are not bad at all) to get us through the movie.

Most of the cast is back for this one, with the exception of Chris Klein, who despite not making much of a name for himself yet in Hollywood has wisely opted out of this installment (perhaps he actually read the script!). Given a much bigger role this time out is Alyson Hannigan (playing Michelle, the bride-to-be) and she's the one bright spot in this otherwise dismal sequel. There's a lot of Willow (the character Alyson played on TV's Buffy The Vampire Slayer) in Michelle, and she shines in almost every scene she is in.

Not so lucky is Seann William Scott, who plays Steve Stiffler. In previous Pie movies, Stiffler was crude but always seemed to be likeable. In American Wedding he's just plain obnoxious. I enjoyed the character in the first two films, but found myself cringing in most of his scenes here.

Meanwhile, the character of Paul Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) is relegated to chasing after the same woman Stiffler has the hots for (the fact that Stiffler wins the heart of the girl in question is even more puzzling), while the character of Kevin Myers (Thomas Ian Nicholas) has virtually nothing to do in this movie other than being "one of the guys".

Also back, naturally, is Jason Biggs as Jim Levinstein, who once again gets himself wrapped up in embarrassing sexual situations. However, aside from a cute opening scene where Jim gets a little "attention" from Michelle in a high-class restaurant, most of the other predicaments Jim finds himself in seem like plotlines for a raunchy "Three's Company" episode, rather than something worthy of the big screen.

The two raunchiest bits of American Wedding involve Stiffler and one concerns him temporarily losing the wedding ring, while the other may or may not receive an endorsement from the AARP. Neither are very funny, although watching both made me glad I didn't opt for any popcorn or snacks during the film as I surely would have lost them at these points in the movie!

While I wouldn't call American Wedding a total waste of time, it's certainly not something you'll want to plunk $7 down for in the theater. It's rental material for fans of the series, and probably worth a viewing just to see Alyson's performance. However, I have to admit that this latest slice of Pie left me with a sour taste.

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