The Man in the Moon
Twilight Time // PG-13 // $29.95 // May 16, 2017
Review by Neil Lumbard | posted July 9, 2017
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The Man in the Moon Twilight Time Blu-ray Review The Man in the Moon is a drama that is set against the backdrop of the South during the 1950's. The story revolves around two families and their interconnected lives during one sunny summer. Produced by Mark Rydell (The Cowboys, An Unfinished Life) and executive produced by Shari Rhodes and William S. Gilmore (A Few Good Men, The Sandlot), the film is the final effort of acclaimed director Robert Mulligan.

The Man in the Moon is a coming of age story centered around Dani Trant (Reese Witherspoon). The film is Reese Witherspoon's debut as an actress. As the story unfolds, Dani spends most of her summer days going off on her own (despite her parents' wishes). She discovers a nearby creek where she goes swimming. It is there that she meets Court Foster (Jason London), a teenage boy she starts to have a crush on over the course of the summer.

In many respects, The Man in the Moon is a slice of life drama. Over the course of the story, the characters personal relationships are explored and are at the forefront of the filmmaking. At the heart of the story is the close friendship and sibling rivalry between sisters Dani and Maureen Trant (Emily Warfield), who both grow to like Court over the summer.

The film explores the friction that starts between the sisters with the subsequent romance between Court and Maureen. The film also looks at the relationship between Matthew Trant (Sam Waterston) and Abigail Trant (Tess Harper) as the parents try and look after their family. The story slowly builds to a dramatic conclusion.

The cinematography by Freddie Francis (The Elephant Man, Glory, Dune) is one of the most impressive qualities of the production. The film has strong use of natural daylight and quite impressive nighttime scenes which effectively convey the setting and time-period. It's an accomplished work from the Academy Award winning cinematographer.

The music score by James Newton Howard (The Sixth Sense, Signs, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) is melodic and moving. The music adds a great deal to the atmosphere of the film.

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