Cult Epics: Comprehensive Guide to Cult Cinema
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Review by Guest Reviewer | posted March 15, 2018
Highly Recommended
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Cult Epics

Comprehensive Guide to Cult Cinema

Edited by Nico B

Review by Micah Gallo

Watching films used to be a more tangible experience. First by going
to cinemas, the sights and experience of having to go to a theater
and seek out these films. For those who recall or are interested in
a bygone era of film as a physical experience the Cult Epics book
will make a beautiful addition to your coffee table or book shelf.

Nico B (curator of Cult Epics label and editor of this book) speaks
in his introduction about growing up in Holland, having a choice of
only two tv channels and riding a motorbike 10 miles to the nearest
theater. To see movies, especially to discover something new, was
once a literal pilgrimage. My version of that was driving an hour to
DVD Planet during the DVD revolution. I would walk the aisles, not
knowing what I would find. I'd open a package with fevered
anticipation, hoping to have an exciting new experience. It was a
time to be romanced by cinema. A poster, a box cover, a filmmaker,
an idea, or even a region of cinema could enliven and tantalize. You
could feel a romantic pull and then discover later whether that
piece of art delivered on its promises.

The book is handsomely hard-bound with full vibrant color on the
cover and all of its 256 pages. It's clear that a lifetime of love
and cinematic knowledge via Nico B and his collaborators has gone
into crafting this very respectable celebration of cult cinema. The
information is presented well and the imagery is carefully chosen,
showing these films in all their artistic excellence and sultry
charm. Cult Epics has saved you the time of having to explore all
these titles on your own and for the cinematic journier in all of us
has put together this trail of bread crumbs to lead you into
unexplored (or at least less acclaimed) territory where you can
discover for yourself these wonderful films.


Each section has an intro with words from a filmmaker or an
interview creating context on the following films. There is a
generalized section with films listed under the main heading and
then a focus on specific filmmakers or actors. This book finds a
good balance between imagery and information and is satisfying in
both regards.

It begins with an introduction by editor Nico B and has the
following sections:


-Fernando Arrabal

-Walerian Borowczyk


-Jorge Buttgereit


-Betty Page

-Vintage Erotica

-Tinto Brass

-Radley Metzger

-Nico B

As a bonus the book also includes a DVD of trailers (2:41:40). It
would be nice if it had chapter stops to make it easy to navigate.
Still a fun bonus to pop into your DVD player.

At the risk of sounding too significant although we're in a time
where more content is available for us to watch from the comforts of
our couches than ever before, we're still in danger of having only
the most mainstream choices put in front of us on a regular basis.
This book is a good reminder that there are alternatives and that
cinema can be challengingly different than mainstream, not always
conform to puritanical morality, and let the filmmaker as an artist
shine through. It's labels like Cult Epics and curators like Nico B
that are the tastemakers who help keep these alternatives alive and

Our choices as viewers and what we celebrate determines what gets
made so that's part of what makes this book important. There is
validity to art made outside the studio system and whatever
inspiration or beauty you find in it is up to you. I hope these
films continue to be preserved and I'm grateful Cult Epics continues
to be dedicated to that cause.

Limited to 1000 copies so get yours while supplies last.

RATING: Highly Recommended

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