LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash
Other // Unrated // $24.98 // March 13, 2018
Review by Ryan Keefer | posted April 26, 2018
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The Movie:

I've reviewed Lego movies under the Warner banner, and I've reviewed Justice League under the Warner banner. So it was only natural to review a Lego movie on a Justice League character (or characters) under the Warner banner, if we're being honest. So this film, centered on the character The Flash, was the next thing to come onto the radar.

Written by Jim Krieg and Jeremy Adams and directed by Ethan Spaulding, the computer-generated animated movie focuses on the Justice League and their efforts to thwart the Joker (voiced by Jason Spisak) and his latest criminal efforts. However, the members of the Justice League, specifically Batman (Troy Baker) are increasingly frustrated by the tardiness of the Flash (James Arnold Taylor) to the group's many superhero efforts. Is it turns out the Flash's nemesis, cleverly titled Reverse Flash (Dwight Schultz, The A-Team) appears to be tampering with the Flash's powers, which makes things look very much like (Groundhog Day) in the process. So the Flash has this battle to fight and earn back the respect of his friends at the Justice League.

Coming off seeing Justice League where things were focused more on the group in the League and its new members, and moving to this film that is centered on the Flash is jarring enough, but when the storyline takes its one trick and uses it as relentlessly as The Flash does, the act for the film wears out quickly. Occasionally the other members of Justice League show up after the first act that sets up everything (and if you listen close you can hear Kate Micucci (Garfunkel & Oates), Tom Kenny (SpongeBob Squarepants) and Phil LaMarr (Futurama) appear, or their voices at least. But generally most of the work in acts two and three are left to Taylor and Schultz to do, which on the screen is fine albeit one-dimensional, and there's not much past that the actors can do to branch things out.

In a way, making the film a little more than an hour while spending the time for the initial characters to set up relationship dynamics and story was a concession of sorts from the production to put their chips in on the Flash story. And in doing so one would think the overall result would have been better than it was, but as the repetition increases, the swerves into conflict, comedy or whatever it is the storytellers had in mind for a secondary character don't click at all.

When a movie invests heavily on a storyline that doesn't deliver, it permeates through the rest of the film in a bad way. This isn't to say that DC Super Heroes The Flash is bad, because the secondary moments are good. It's just that the film doesn't really serve much purpose in entertainment.

The Blu-ray Disc:
The Video:

The Warner/DC/Lego collaboration shows The Flash off in an AVC encoded 1.78:1 widescreen presentation that is good but nothing entirely memorable. Textures of lego bricks in this computer-generated feature are discernible at times, while colors are natural without oversaturation. There are issues with banding as has been discussed elsewhere and one could expect more from the source material, but it's good viewing regardless.

The Sound:

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless surround track works well, given even the modest nature of the production. Channel panning is evident during the Flash chases, explosions include a good amount of low-end involvement, and dialogue is even consistent throughout the film. Directional effects are present though not all that active, and the overall result of the soundtrack is a solid listening experience.


None. Well then.

Final Thoughts:

Ultimately and strangely, DC Super Heroes The Flash isn't the best Warner/Lego movie I've seen recently, but it wasn't even the best Warner/DC film I've seen either. It's a second tier production with third or fourth tier storytelling, sad! Technically it's fine and the lack of extras was certainly a tipoff in retrospect. But definitely skip this for other titles in each entertainment group's library.

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