Lexx Series 4 Volume 4
Acorn Media // Unrated // $24.95 // September 23, 2003
Review by Don Houston | posted September 7, 2003
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Movie: The television show LEXX aired on the Sci-Fi channel after initially starting out as a set of 4 made for Showtime movies. The series ended awhile back but it centered on a futuristic setting where the powerful warlord, The Divine Shadow and his minions control the Universe. They grow spaceships that are living beings, not unlike a huge dragonfly without wings. The LEXX itself is "the most powerful weapon in the two Universes" and is hijacked by a three characters and a robot head.

Stanley is the holder of the key that runs the LEXX. He is a loser that was a security guard (third class no less) who screwed up and is marked for execution. Xev is a hot young love slave who was destined to be mated to the emperor but through a series of mishaps ends up not being properly conditioned (mentally programmed) and runs away. With her is a robot head, 790, (without a body) that gets her programming which makes him passionate for the first being he sees, Xev. The last main character is a zombie named Kai who the emperor keeps as an assassin. His loyalties switch to the crew who go on a series of misadventures, generally destroying planets and the like as they live life on the lam.

Okay, Lexx Season 4, Volume 4 shows episodes 13-16 of season 4. The crew has fled from their original Universe, having destroyed it, and just finished dealing with a couple of planets. They are now in orbit around Earth and a former foe, Prince, is hounding them. Having suffered at the hands of a variety of foes, the crew alternates between wanting to leave Earth and destroying it while an outside invasion force prepares to attack the planet.

4.13: 769:
790, the robot head, makes a deal with Prince in order to secure himself a new body for use with his obsession, Kai. Prince, the President, and Bunny, all seek something in return and we find that the best laid plans don't always get us laid.

4.14: Prime Ridge:
Prime Ridge, Ohio, is part of Middle America where the people only care about beef, sex and lawn care. The crew, seeking food and fun, go there and try to establish themselves in the community. Guest star Britt Ekland is so hard up for a guy that even Stan looks good to her. Her daughter, seeking to piss her off, also goes for Stan (and she's a cutie). And it all goes bad for the crew from that point on.

4.15: Mort:
A mortician sheltered the crew and found that Kai's protoblood had special qualities. The sicko has a unique hobby that reminded me of the movie, Re-Animator.

4.16: Moss:
In a biting satire of para-military militias, a wacko group that seeks the power of the Lexx abducts the crew. There was a lot of commentary about religious zealots too.

I liked the show and the dvd presentation of it, with the bits of nudity not seen on cable when it aired originally. While I think the compression ratio used to get all 4 episodes on the single dvd left the picture a bit on the weak side at times, there was a lot to enjoy about this show. The writing was a bit strange at times and the acting somewhat mixed but the entertainment value quite high. I rate this one as Recommended for any fan of science fiction that is tired of the sanitized, corporate-written drivel on television today, check this one out as a refreshing change.

Picture: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 full frame ratio as it was filmed. The fleshtones were very accurate and the show looked fairly clear. The biggest problem I noticed was in a few of the CGI shots, the clarity showed the limitations of the budget and that there was more than average amount of grain in some of the scenes. I did notice that there was some video noise in a few dark scenes too.

Sound: The sound was presented with a choice of English language tracks of either Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound or 2.0 stereo. There were no subtitles or closed captions. The sound was actually a set or two up from previous releases of the show I had watched and a vast improvement over it's original airing on cable (for me at least).

Extras: CGI gallery, production sketches, behind-the-scenes photos, storyboards, trivia questions, a paper insert with chapter listing

Final Thoughts: With only a few more episodes to make it to dvd, I'm almost sad that the show is nearly at an end of its ropes. While the show was quirky when it aired, it did have a lot of interesting comments to make about society in general. When this left the airwaves, we all lost a show that turned sci-fi on its head, with funny results.

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