Steve-O Video Vol, 3: Out On Bail
Red Light District Video // Unrated // $19.98 // November 4, 2003
Review by Ian Jane | posted November 23, 2003
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The Movie

Remember those guys in school who were always getting trouble for making disgusting jokes? The guys who would pick their nose, show it to you, and then chase you down the hall trying to wipe it on your face? Well, some of those guys got pretty damn rich on a little show that was on MTV a few years back called Jackass. And out of the entire Jackass crew, a strange, wirey little man named Steve-O was by far the gutsiest and the most willing to go farther than anyone else to get the gross out.

Well, lucky for all of us, Steve-O has branched out on his own and brought you this third DVD compilation of footage from his appearances and stunts from around the globe. A good portion of the first disc takes place in the United States but we also see them screwing around across Europe as well. Steve-O, Ryan Dunn, Preston Lacy, Nick Dunlap, Carolla, Mike Liddle, Bam Margera, and everyone's favorite vertically challenged drunken skateboarder, Wee-Man are all here to drink, smoke, puke, jump, smash, smack, piss and crap all over their destinations for your enjoyment.

From the first segment, a trick called the 'rusty hook' in which one guy scratches his asshole with his finger and then wipes it across Steve-O's nose when he's not looking gives you a rough idea of what you're in for if you didn't know already.

Highlights of the first disc include a drunken Wee-Man skating through Europe, stopping traffic, Steve-O stapling his nutsack to his leg with a staple gun, Steve-O cutting the skin between his thumb and his forefinger and then sealing it back up with superglue, and ice carving competition that ends with one contestant forming a Florida sailfish and the other a giant penis, a woman in England drinking her own breast milk, Steve-O clad in Union Jack swim-trunks jumping off of the London Bridge, and Steve-O's eventual arrest for smuggling drugs across the border by swallowing them inside a condom and then removing them once his body releases them the natural way.

Lest you think it's all gross out material, well, yeah, most of it is, but there's also plenty of pretty naked girls on display here as well. How these guys manage to score so many hot women by acting like this is beyond me. I wish I knew their secrets, because it's pretty impressive. Not only are most of the girls really good looking, but they all seem to be willing to take off their shirts and shake their goods around as well, which in my opinion, always makes for good entertainment. So in addition to the gross out stuff, we're also treated to some quality Girls Gone Wild material as well.

The second disc is a bit more laid back in terms of content (though only a bit). It has no menu, and runs about thirty-two minutes, and the focus of it is Steve-O's adventures with an insane amount of PCP that he smoked, and how he claims that it saved his life. In fact, the disc is titled PCP Saved My Life. Along the way, Steve-O throws a cup full of crap and piss at one of his friends, gives interviews on the radio, vomits out of the back of a truck, and pays his friends to have sex with random women. Or at least try to. It's pretty much more of the same of what's on the first disc.

The Video

The entire two disc set is shot on a variety of different camcorders, some more professional looking than others. A lot of the footage was captured on the fly and with a handheld and it obviously looks a little shakier and a little crazier than the stuff that was shot using a more steady technique. Overall though, the clarity isn't too bad. If you've seen any of the Jackass releases, this is on par with those. It's shot on video, but that's all you really need for this type of material and what we have here works just fine.

The Audio

We've got an English Dolby Digital Stereo track that was mic'd live off the set as it was happening. There doesn't appear to have been much post-production work done on the track and at times it can be hard to hear the dialogue overtop of the background noise, but once again, like the video, it suits the material just fine.

The Extras

Aptly titled Extra Poo, the bonus material on the two disc DVD set include four scenes of various members of the Steve-O troupe trashing hotel rooms across the world, an outtake where two members try to knock each other out with their fists, a scene involving a BB Gun and Steve-O's ass, and a third outtake where a few naked British ladies show us their boobies and give Steve-O a massive wedgie.

A brief behind the scenes/,making of feature that lasts a few minutes gives you an idea of what happens behind the camera. Low and behold, it's not that different than what goes on in front of it. And the last bonus is a clip called Ryan Simonetti in which the pro skaterboarder pulls off some pretty impressive skate tricks like jumping over a trio of girls, and jumping off of on moving bus onto the roof off another.

Final Thoughts

There is some seriously revolting material contained on these two discs. Plenty of bowel movements, vomit, urine and a plethora of gross out hijinks make it difficult to stomach sometimes. I've got to admit though, as disgusting as a lot of this stuff is, some of it is pretty damn funny and you can't help but laugh at the majority of it, even if you may not want to.

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