Wildcat Women
Pathfinder Home Entertainment // R // $19.98 // July 29, 2003
Review by John Sinnott | posted January 23, 2004
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The Movie:

I was really looking forward to seeing this disc.  I love the three splendid 3-D movies that Disney shows at Disney World.  Those movies use a polarized 3-D system, but I had enjoyed the one anaglyph (red and blue lenses) 3-D feature that I'd seen.  I had heard that the polarized system would not work on TV monitors, and that anaglyph system only worked marginally, but thought I'd give it a try. How bad could it be?  Well, pretty bad.

The 3-D effects in Wildcat Women are created by making the viewer wear a pair of glasses that have different colored lenses,  the right one is red an left one is blue.  Two color coded images that are only slightly different are displayed.  The colored lens filters out some of the information, so your left eye and right eye see different images.  This creates an illusion of 3-D.  Or at least it is supposed to.

So, how did it work?  The short answer was that it didn't.  I had a LOT of trouble seeing any 3-D effects.  The introduction to the movie says that the hue and tint on your set might need to be adjusted to get the full effect.  I played around with my television's setting and the lighting in the room for a full half an hour!  In the end, I left the parameters on the least annoying settings, but still didn't get much of a stereoscopic effect. The picture was very blurry and even when I cranked the brightness up the movie still looked dark, and that was at the best settings.  This wasn't a promising beginning.

Without much in the way of 3-D effects,  I sat down to view the movie.  Wildcat Women is a soft core porno movie, and its main selling point is the 3-D effects (which I couldn't get to work.)  The plot involves three young beautiful women who have had people that they loved killed by a gangster.  The three band together to bring "The Buddha" to justice.  They manage to plant a listening device on one of the Buddha's men, so they know where and when his illegal activities will take place.  They start stealing the drugs and arms that he's dealing in, to put a crimp in his business.  The Buddha realizes something is up and starts looking for the people that are fighting him.  The girls are doing really well, but when the villain finds out who they are, will these three girls be able to protect themselves?

Being a soft core movie, there is a lot of sex in this movie.  Every few minutes someone is jumping in bed with someone else.  There nudity is all above the waist, and no genitalia are shown, but there are very explicit situations.

The movie itself is incredibly bad.  Most of the action makes no sense at all.  It doesn't seem quite like a movie with a plot, but a series of scenes that happen to involve the same people.  I was constantly asking myself what was going on.  There was no rhyme or reason to a lot of it.

The action scenes were laughably bad.  I mean really, REALLY bad.  The big car chase scene takes place on the top level of a small parking garage.  The two cars just drive around and around in circles going about 15 miles an hour.  No one thinks of getting on the exit ramp and driving away.  There are a lot of walking scenes and people driving through the city for minutes on end.

All in all this is a bad movie with nothing to recommend it.

The DVD:


The two channel audio for this movie is horrible.  It is very tinny and thin, as if you were hearing the sound from a television set down the hall.  The is almost no dynamic range, the car crashes are about as loud and forceful as a conversation.  In addition to the many audio glitches, there is a consent low level hum that is audible even during conversations.  A horrible sounding disc.


The picture quality of this disc is very bad.  There are constant specks and dirt on the print.  I don't think there is an entire second when one doesn't pop up.  The pint is very dark, with little contrast, to the point where it is almost impossible to see what is going on in the exterior scenes that were shot at night.  The colors are very faded and dull.  Just an overall hideous transfer.

The Extras:

This disc also includes a trailer for the movie, and a still gallery of 2-D production photos.

Final Thoughts:

This is a horrible movie.  The 3-D effects don't work, the plot is almost incomprehensible, and the acting is wooden.  I can think of no reason anyone would want to own this DVD.  Skip it.

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