I Accidentally Domed Your Son
Lionsgate Home Entertainment // R // $24.99 // February 17, 2004
Review by Jeffrey Robinson | posted March 13, 2004
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The Movie

Run Time: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

domed: Slang. Committing a murder by inflicting a gunshot wound to the human head.

Small name writer, director, and actor Ryan Combs, with a cast full of no names and a pair of rappers brings about his fourth featured film. In I Accidentally Domed Your Son, Combs makes several poor attempts to bring humor from some of the darker aspects of life.

Life is going pretty well for friends Brisco (Ryan Combs), J Rob (Tony Cox), Pedro (Pete Pano), and Hay Love (Albert Brooks). It's a bright sunny day, there's meat on the barbeque, they've got drink (beer), and they're surrounded by other friends and some hot girls. Well despite things going fairly well at the party, they're missing something. The four friends want some bud (marijuana) to really spice things up. So the boys decide to look at their options to score some bud. Hay Love suggests they visit a connection of his, located in the dreaded "8 Trays". At this prospect the Brisco, J Rob, and Pedro cringe in fear, as the 8 Trays is just too dangerous, unless you're a gang banger. The other option is Pedro's friend Ceasar (Mark Rafael), but this plan isn't without flaw. Ceasar happens to be the son of a powerful Mexican mob boss. Brisco, J-Rob, and Hay Love just don't want any part of that.

As the four stand perplexed about where to get their drugs, a recently freed convict, Ray Ray (CT Fletcher) shows up at the party. During his time in jail he made a few enemies, who are still in jail. Ray Ray wants to get back at them by killing their friends down in the 8 Trays. The four friends are scared out of their wits and want nothing to do with him. Ray Ray doesn't seem to care and pulls out a gun, where he forces Hay Love to accompany him in this escapade. Once at the 8 Trays, Ray Ray gives Hay Love a gun, which is pretty bad condition. Meanwhile the boys of the 8 Tray sneak up behind Ray Ray and kill him. Luckily for Hay Love, his life is spared.

Meanwhile after the incident with Ray Ray, Brisco, J Rob, and Pedro are frantic. They decide that they really need the bud to calm down. After what they just went through with Ray Ray, they figure any trouble that comes from the mob boss can't be as bad. So they venture off to Ceasar's to get some bud. Once there, they meet his father, Fredrico (Tony Pacheco), the powerful mob boss. Here they learn Ceasar's mother died when he was 11 years old and since then Fredrico has been overly protective of his son. He wants his son to have nothing to do with losers like Brisco, J Rob, and Pedro, but he fears if he openly shows disagreement with his son's choice of friends, that he'll hate him. Then when Ceaser steps out of the room, Fredrico threatens three friends with death, should any harm befall his son, whether mental or physical.

While at first they just wanted some bud, the boys now just want to get away from Ceasar and his crazy father. The boys then make their excuse to exit and manage to get away, but Ceasar decides to tag along. Now back at Brisco's place, they just want to get Ceasar home. The boys are scared something bad might happen to him, which could mean their lives. While they try to devise a plan to take him home, Ceasar states he just wants smoke some bud and then return. Sounds good to them, so they light up and smoke away. During this time Hay Love makes his entrance back into the group. He's covered in blood, hysterical, and scared out of his wits. The boys insist he smokes some bud before he tells his story. He does without hesitation. Once high he resumes his story and forgets about the gun in his hand. Needless to say it goes off and Ceasar's dead.

The rest of the story continues with the four friends in flight from Frederico's wrath. During which they seek help from Brisco's boyhood friend Krego (Kurupt), who sets them up fairly well. Unfortunately they're being chased by two assassins, who are an odd combination with a hot babe (with no acting skills) and her silent muscle-bound partner. The four friends also run into other crazy individuals during their trials in this devastating dark comedy.


Spoken Languages: English

Non-Spoken Languages: English, Spanish

According to the DVD cover this presentation is presented in 1.33:1 ratio widescreen color. As you may be aware, this aspect ratio is for full frame, not widescreen. It's a misprint. The video in this presentation is truly presented in a non-anamorphic 16:9 ratio widescreen color. The picture is fairly decent and clear. There are some portions in which there are problems with defects, as a result of video compression. Similarly the picture has a slight grainy touch. Overall it is fairly decent in terms of quality.

The audio is presented in English 2.0 Dolby digital stereo. This audio track comes equipped with an audible hiss, while not too loud, it is noticeable. The majority of the spoken dialogue is easily heard. The only issue that one may encounter is the excessive amount of slang used in the feature, as not everyone will understand what it means.

The subtitles are presented in both the English and Spanish languages. The English subtitles stay in sync with the English dialogue throughout the feature, except there are a few misspellings. The subtitles appear over the picture and are easily read and do not interfere with the feature itself.

The extras that are included in this feature are two trailers, one for this feature and the other for Civil Brand [review].

Final Thoughts:
Clearly most dark comedies aren't for everyone, as the dark antics do not generally produce laughs and smiles for all. I occasionally enjoy dipping into this genre, but this was not the case with I Accidentally Domed Your Son. The comedy in this feature was a bit hard to grasp with several poor comical attempts that included a crazy guy in his underwear, a disturbing scene with a screwed up kid takes a sexual liking to J Rob, the death of individuals, and lastly some toilet humor. Overall I found most of the content slightly offense and gross. On top of that the acting wasn't very good, nor was the plot. The story didn't really make sense in terms of plausibility and realism. There were just too many crazy, wild, and unbelievable events occurring. Anyways this was a pretty bad title, so unless you have an affinity for bad dark comedies, you (like me) probably won't enjoy this one.

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