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WWE Divas Do New York: the Lingerie Edition

World Wrestling Entertainment // Unrated // February 21, 2006
List Price: $24.95 [Buy now and save at Amazon]

Review by John Crichton | posted April 7, 2006 | E-mail the Author

WWE Divas Do New York: the Lingerie Edition is the DVD companion to the magazine on the newstands. This time, instead of traveling to some exotic, lush island paradise, the girls hit the Big Apple armed with the sexiest of lingerie. After last year's adventure in Mexico (and with some introspection), I realized I might've been harsh on that release. It delivered on its promise - attractive, scantily-clad females writhing around in a tropical setting. Yet AGAIN, the WWE has put together a superb package featuring Divas from both brands.

Maria's photo shoot takes place on the Brooklyn Bridge. Unlike her WWE persona, she's quite bubbly and seems to be more intelligent than she acts on the show. While she was shooting, there was also a wedding and an amorous chef from a nearby restaurant who had a plateful of Bay Scallops Serveche delivered in an attempt to win her affections. She enjoyed the treat, but ends up forgetting his name. Poor guy. Kristal, the latest WWE SmackDown! Diva, is up next. Originally a Raw Diva Search contestant, she ended up making it to the final four, before showed up on SD! this past December. It's good to know we suffered for a reason. She spends some time discussing her favorite lingerie before talking about her Diva search experience and giving an acceptance speech (for what, I have no idea).

Victoria's photo shoot takes place in a New York nightclub called Crobar. During the interview, she talks about being the MVP of Raw Divas (rightfully so) and declares that she might not be the sexiest Diva on Raw, but she's the toughest. I'd have to respectfully disagree. She's both tough AND sexy. It's a shame she didn't discuss how criminally underutilized she is in the ring. She REALLY deserves to be doing more than holding the ropes open for and giving a quick peck on the lips to Candice to make the wrestling geeks all tingly.

Torrie spends her time talking about her monthly budget for lingerie and how she she has two separate lingerie collections since she feels that it's tacky wearing work lingerie at home. Stimulating conversation, but she gets a pass since her photo shoot takes place after a red eye to New York. Ashley is the 2005 Raw Diva Search winner. Her photo shoot starts at Sheep Meadow and ends up at Times Square, where she tells us the old WWE restaurant has a place in her heart - since that's where she won her first New York state final Hawaiian Tropic pageant. She also talks about doing Stuff, Flex and Maxim magazines. She throws in the fact that her father and brothers are wrestlers too. I guess the apple fell FAR from the tree.

Mickie James, the newest WWE Diva, touches on the fact that she's been wrestling for seven years, but spends the majority of her time talking about the lingerie she's wearing. As i'm looking at the second sexy outfit while she's talking, I realize it doesn't bother me in the least. Dancing With the Star's Stacy Keibler is next. Shooting at 9am in Madison Square Park, she eventually makes her way to the nightclub duvet. Dancing is mentioned, and also talks about how she wanted to be a Rockette after being trained by one. Unfortunately, she those 61 inch legs got in the way. She also mentions her Stuff magazine shoots, winning the WWE Babe Of the Year this year, and that while she doesn't plan her future, she's happy at the WWE. We'll see how long that lasts.

Sharmell is the Diva who seems to get the most personal treatment. At the beginning of her interview, she admits she's not a lingerie-type person. She talks about winning Miss Black America 1991. After finishing her tour, she completed college and then toured with James Brown. From there, she became a Nitro girl. When the WCW folded, the girls cut a CD, but since they couldn't sing, she called WWE looking for work. She hit Ohio Valley in 2001, and after hitting Raw in 2002, she tore her ACL. Sharmell went on to marry Booker T in 2005 and eventually joined the WWE and became his manager.

Lita's shoot is at Crobar too. She mentions being "the most dominating diva in the WWE". I have to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. She also mentions her injuries and states that she's at the level she wants to be. Next! Melina, the manager of MNM, a tag team that has earned my respect, storms Grand Central Station. She talks about MNM's time in OVW and her ring entrance and boasts that the other Divas are "too skinny, too long, don't have any shape" and that she has "curves all over the place." Well, I can't argue with that. Her curves are on FULL display as she wanders around the Station in some very sexy lingerie.

They've saved the best for second-to-last with the lovely Trish Stratus. Her beauty is matched by her wicked sense of humor, which is evident with her joking during her interview. There's some small talk about her choice of lingerie, her relationship with Rich, the photographer, and her gorgeous abs. She also mentions shooting some candid shots in the bathroom, but the digital camera wasn't working, so they had to "pose" in the bathroom - which took away from the spontaneity.

I'd really like to tell you what Candice said, but her voice is unbearable. Truly unbearable. While I might not care much for Edge, he was right on target when he told her that her voice sounding like nails along the chalkboard. I see her as she walks through Times Square in some sexy lingerie. Oh yeah, her lips were moving too.

Since the main feature has a paltry one hour running time, the WWE has packed a TREMENDOUS amount of extras. I think it's a mandate that each DVD release contain, at the very minimum, two and hours of extra material - which definitely gives the fans more bang for their buck. All the Extras on this disc are, of course, Diva related. The chapters are as follows:

In the Ring:

  • Christy vs. Trish Arm Wrestling Match [Raw 3/28/05] - This took place when Trish was a heel and they were trying to push Christy as a wrestler. I admit that by the time the WWE "released" Christy, she had dramatically improved in the ring.

  • Christy vs. Candice Lingerie Pillow Fight [Raw 5/16/05]

  • Swimsuit Competition [Raw 5/30/05] - Since Trish was injured during the beginning of the year, the WWE was forced to realize that the majority of the Divas they employed could NOT wrestle. So, instead, they had competitions like this and pillow fights. This particular competition was probably THE best since Victoria snaps and CLEARS the ring, kicks Lawler in the nuts and gives Christy the most satifying "Widow's Peak" I have ever seen. It's a shame she doesn't wrestle more. She most DEFINITELY needs to wrestle more than Candice, THAT'S for sure.

  • Christy vs. Stacy Lingerie Pillow Fight [SmackDown! 8/25/05] - Before "releasing" Christy, they banished her off to SmackDown! for a short time. There, she eventually teamed with Road Warrior Animal and Heidenreich.

  • Trish vs. Victoria WWE Women's Championship Match [Raw 09/26/05] - It's interesting. When Trish was a heel, she was upset that Christy was getting all the attention thanks to her Playboy shoot and wasn't doing her time. Then during the swimsuit competition in May, they had Victoria go off on all of the Diva search rejects. Yet, when Trish comes back from her injury, she's now a face and teamed with 2005 Diva search winner Ashley, while Victoria has Candice and Torrie in her corner. Makes sense, no?

  • Ashley/Trish vs. Candice/Torrie/Victoria 3-On-2 Handicap Bra & Panties Match [Raw 10/3/05]

  • Six-Diva Tag Match [Raw 10/17/05] - Trish, Ashley and Mickie James take on Victoria, Torrie and Candice Marie

  • Halloween Costume Contest [Raw 10/31/05]

  • Trish Stratus/Ashley vs. Candice Michelle/Maria - Santa's Little Helper Match [Raw 12/19/05]

Behind the Scenes:

  • Stacy Keibler Stuff Magazine Photo Shoot
  • Torrie Wilson SmackDown! Magazine Photo Shoot

  • SummerSlam Bikini Car Wash Promo - Curious that we're treated to a behind the scenes look, but they neglected to include the finished product. In the interested of completion, of course.

  • Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle, Michelle McCool SmackDown! Magazine Back To School Photo Shoot
  • Stacy Keibler, Christy Hemme, Melina SmackDown! Holiday Magazine Cover Photo Shoot
  • Ashley Flex Magazine Cover Photo Shoot

2005 RAW Diva Search

  • Selection Recap 6/13/05 - A three minute recap of the ladies who signed up for the 2005 Diva search.

  • Week 1 - 6/27/05 - Watch the ladies strip down to their bra and panties.

  • Week 2 - 7/4/05 - This week, the ladies are put through the paces at Sgt. Slaughter's Bikini Boot Camp. It's right down the road from Guantanamo Bay.

  • Week 3 - 7/11/05 - The ladies have sixty seconds to show off their special talents.

  • Week 4 - 7/18/05 - The claws come out as the ladies talk about whom they would vote off if they had the choice.

  • Week 5 - 7/25/05 - Watch the ladies participate in a hot dog eating contest for immunity.

  • Week 6 - 8/1/05 - Rob Schneider is the special judge as the ladies fight (American Gladiator-style)

  • Week 7 - 8/8/05 - The finalists make their final pitch on why they should be chosen. However, as they're pimping themselves out (Ashley gives out her real phone number), a WWE employee gives 'em a pie in the face.

  • Week 8 - 8/15/05 - A final recap of what's happened before and Ashley winning the competition.


  • John Cena Makes Maria Feel Better [Raw 7/4/05]
  • Lita Talks Smack To Matt Hardy [Raw 8/29/05]
  • Candice Michelle's European Tour Diary
  • Ashley On the Hotseat
  • Kristal On the Hotseat

  • This Or That? - A five minute video where the ladies are quizzed on a variety of important topics such as "Bubble Bath or Steamy Shower?"

  • 2005 Diva Tribute To the Troops - A two minute recap of the Divas visiting the troops. I understand why Maria, Ashley, Lillian, and Trish are there, but why Candice? Haven't our troops suffered enough?

Video: WWE Divas Do New York: the Lingerie Edition was a great looking disc. There were no flaws or compression issues. The blacks were dark and the picture was sharp. There are a variety of ratios, but for the most part it's in the full frame 1.33:1 ratio.

Audio: The Dolby Digital 5.1 sound was crystal clear and enveloped my living room while I was watching it.

Conclusion: This WWE Diva DVD didn't annoy me as much as the previous one did. It could be due to the HEAVY layoffs that occurred right around that disc's release date, but i've learned to just grin and bear it when it comes to the WWE's ideas of what wrestling fans want (or complain in DVD Talk's Sports Talk Forum). As long as Trish, Victoria and now Mickie are still with the company, I can ignore all of the superfluous stuff. This collection showcases the Divas and the great city of New York City in a favorable light and, though the main feature is merely an hour long, they've packed on a lot of extra footage, making this a Highly Recommended release.

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Highly Recommended

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