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Sexual Parasite

Discotek Media // Unrated // January 29, 2008
List Price: $19.95 [Buy now and save at Amazon]

Review by Bill Gibron | posted January 16, 2008 | E-mail the Author
The Product:
Warning - this review is not for the prudish. Certain words, descriptions, and allusions will be necessary in order to discuss the details of this freakish foreign film. Persons who have a predilection toward good clean non-explicit material should abandon all hope now. After all, 2004's Kiseichuu: kiraa pusshii, is a Japanese monster movie that features a creature that makes its home inside a woman's lady parts. This nasty nether region dweller with its penis-munching mandible and excessive appetite, would present any critic with a cause for concern. Just discussing the premise provides ample opportunity for the misuse of certain sensitive phraseology. So, again, here is a content caveat. If you don't want to read about mammaries, monsters, and blood-soaked mayhem, steer clear of this review. If such scatology intrigues you, however, continue on!

The Plot:
An expedition into the Republic of Botswana goes array, resulting in the death of a female scientist. While trying to keep a local witch doctor from releasing their major biological find, the fabled fiend broke free, and scampered up the gal's goodies. Fast forward one year, and a group of slacker teens stumble across an abandoned building. Lucky for them, whoever owned the place stocked it with food, liquor, and a frozen corpse. Yes, it's the lady from the jungle jaunt, her internal parasite package preserved in icy temperatures. Naturally, the kids leave the freezer door open, and the newly thawed body begins to move. Soon, the reanimated gal's Killer Pussy is looking for its next victim. Men will have their meat and two veg violated, while the gals will get a vaginal leech all their own. It will be up to the awkward adolescents to fight the beast, or watch as the world is overtaken, one cootchie pop at a time.

The DVD:
Sexual Parasite - also known as Killer Pussy in its native Japan - might just be the greatest movie ever made. Strike that - this is definitely the best film about a vagina dwelling monster to ever grace a direct to DVD presentation. To call this film gratuitous would be like suggesting that Britney Spears has questionable parenting skills. This is a blood soaked breast fest where ample Asian girls scramble out of their skivvies at the drop of a digital dime. Given the country's cultural clime regarding depictions of a woman's va-jay-jay, it's amazing how completely womb oriented this exacting exploitation romp really is. We get views from inside, glimpses of monster-mouthed outsides, and the all important hand over the white panty perspective. Together, they turn what could have been a standard creature in the cooter epic and make it into a staunch political protest over the traditional trepidation regarding the crotch. Then again, it may just be a surreal sex splatter job featuring the most dangerous poontang in the history of horniness.

All credit and carnal love goes to writer/director Takao Nakano. A notorious master of the J-sploitation genre, this quirk-filled quickie breezes by at just under an hour. Yet as Joe Bob Briggs once pointed out, as long as there are enough boobs, beasts, and blood, the requirements of a drive-in delight are well within reach. Nakano wastes no time in giving the audience what they want. All three actresses get 'nekkid' early and often, and unlike their Western counterparts, these gals are curvy and unafraid of chest-oriented compositions. Our genital ogre looks like a deranged catfish puppet, and the occasional narrative missteps (where did that deranged scientist come from???) are supplemented by close-ups of hands massaging well-slimed hooters. There is some goofball gore - this bush based entity can apparently disembowel people just as easily as castrate them - and Nakano never forgets the rationale behind his raunch. Like hardcore adult entertainment, this director is out to deliver the perverted premise, and that's all.

Of course, one can read more into the movie if they like. The opening material reminds one of Peter Jackson's Dead Alive, while the midsection seems lifted from every teen slasher film ever conceived. There is the backstory knowledge regarding the Japanese taboo against full frontal nudity, and the satiric depiction of the kids - bored, drunken, out for kicks - plays like an update of the typical adolescent angst-a-thon. This is not a complex film, not by any far stretch of the lethal love canal imagination. But for anyone raised on the bottom shelf delights of an '80s Mom and Pop video store, who appreciate the no holds barred blatancy of '70s exploitation...heck, for anyone who finds the concept of a sinister snatch monster hideously hilarious, Sexual Parasite is the film for you. It won't provide untold moments of art imitating life realism, or in-depth social redemption, but for a wildly wanton time, this is the horniest genre exercise ever. It's definitely the most biologically depraved.

The Video:
Offered by Ryko's Asian subdivision Discotek in a direct from video 1.33:1 full frame delight, Sexual Parasite looks very good on DVD. The colors are vibrant, and the details direct. There are some lighting issues, and a couple of moments of blurred feminine freeways, but overall, the image is excellent.

The Audio:
There is nothing very interesting about the Dolby Digital Stereo mix. The Japanese dialogue is presented well, and English subtitles do a bang up job in translation. There is one intriguing moment - the kids, desperate to dance, call up a CD containing a track entitled "She Devils on Wheels" by the Maneaters. While it's sung in Japanese, it sure does sound like the theme song to Herschell Gordon Lewis' '60s girl biker epic. Curious.

The Extras:
Sadly, except for a collection of tantalizing trailers, there is no other bonus features. It's a shame, really. The more we could learn about this surprisingly salacious film, the better our abject appreciation. No context keeps things as a maddening mystery.

Final Thoughts:
All lack of logic - and DVD extras - aside, Sexual Parasite is a wonderful reminder that, on more than one occasion, the grindhouse style of movie really understood the concept of excess in entertainment. This represents one of early '08s most demented surprises. Easily earning a Highly Recommended rating, this redolent revamp of every sex/splatter cliché in the gangrenous genre book definitely has to be seen to be believed - and even then, you may not fully comprehend what your baby beltway eyes are witnessing. Filmmaker Takao Nakano proves that tits and terror translate into a universal language, one easily understood (and accepted) by the vast majority of schlock film fans. Just check your holier than thou proclivities at the door, sit back, and enjoy. Your subconscious salaciousness will be glad that you did.

Want more Gibron Goodness? Come to Bill's TINSEL TORN REBORN Blog (Updated Frequently) and Enjoy! Click Here

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Highly Recommended

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