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Erotic Werewolf in London, An

POPcinema // Unrated // June 24, 2008
List Price: $29.95 [Buy now and save at Amazon]

Review by Kurt Dahlke | posted May 15, 2008 | E-mail the Author
An Erotic Werewolf in London:
Here I go again wasting another awesome idea for a piece the copyright of which now belongs to DVDtalk and Internet Brands. You better thank me, guys! What's he on about, you ask? I'm talking about the latest 'erotic horror' offering from Seduction Cinema and the Factory 2000 gang, An Erotic Werewolf in London. Yes, the crew is reaching back 27 years to find titles to spoof. What's next, Battleship Poontangkin? (That's the awesome idea, by the way, I expect to see it on shelves 3 months from now.)

Hopefully readers will already have an idea what Seduction Cinema, Misty Mundae and the rest are all about. This time around, we get a tragic, 68-minute tale (actually lensed in 2001) of a lusty wench (Anoushka) victimized by a rare form of lycanthropy - when she gets horny (a lot) her arousal makes her put the bite on people. If it's the full moon, watch out because then the fur really flies. Whatever the case, the fur always flies in a Seduction Cinema joint, as these girls only have eyes for each other - even still, most of them have their nethers trimmed into the barest of 'landing strips,' so I guess it's mostly metaphorical fur - that is except for Mundae, a gal who goes as close to natural as you'll ever see in non-fetish-based porn. (Pubic hair? What's that?)

Of course, Seduction Cinema isn't porn, it's erotica, (albeit spoofy erotica - horror and comedy are the big draws) and even though there are oodles of full frontal female fornication it's all strictly simulated soft-core. In this case, girls in a deserted club spend about ten minutes open-mouth French kissing, tickling nipples and grinding their landing strips together. Suddenly Anoushka (sporting a new pair of artificial funbags) breezes in, 'circles the airport' for a while and takes a nip out of Mundae, who ultimately brings the infection home to her GF, while Anoushka jets off to London for a misguided publicity/poonanny junket.

Meantime Zoe Moonshine (as an intrepid reporter) conducts a series of unintelligible interviews with Anoushka regarding her werewolfism, and every five minutes or so we slow things down for a little solo or duet-based crotch grinding set to ultra repetitive, looped, nu-porn hypno-rock (possibly one of the best things about Seduction Cinema movies).

No one within a mile of these productions expects things to be taken seriously. Director William Hellfire and crew have improved mightily over the years they've been doing this stuff - starting with I Was A Teenage Strangler - yet despite the smooth skills behind the camera, things still look like they were shot in a day. All the performances have a 'second take' quality, as if the actors (those few men that actually appear in these movies) and actresses have read their lines just enough to not need cue cards. Filming is generally static and unimaginative until the ladies strip, and then things get a bit more creative - imagine an old school music video with naked ladies subbing for guitars and keyboards.

Mundae and Ruby LaRocca as her girlfriend give genuine, impassioned performances - and the perv likes to wonder if these ladies have ever had an extracurricular relationship. The perv also notes that Mundae and LaRocca have really cute bodies. Anyway, Anoushka is OK, but her balloons, a rarity at SC, are a bit overblown. Whatever the case, at the very end of Werewolf a tiny nod to horror and pathos is made, but this is strictly stuff for kids too young to rent real porn (or too stupid to get past Net Nanny) and also for Mundae fetishists - even though in this one and many others her top billing is strictly nominal. The plot is negligible, Anoushka wild and hard-to-understand, and no pretense is even hinted at. Cue up your favorite scenes, junior, and get your landing gear ready for action.


Far be it from SC to spring for a widescreen presentation, Erotic Werewolf comes in the standard fullscreen (1.33:1 ratio) presentation brain-dead horn-dogs are now well used to. The picture is about as sharp as shot-on-DV gets, with softness mostly intentional and used as a special effect in this case. Minor aliasing and a tad of edge enhancement may trouble you, but improvements in that regard would place this movie above its station. Colors are adequate and dark areas are fine, too.

I'll guess this is a digital stereo soundtrack. No mention is made on the packaging, and I certainly don't see the Dolby trademark anywhere. Sound is sub-par, with that wacka-wacka music faring best. Dialog is often sourced from room-sound and boom microphones, it gets murky quite often, and in the case of the Moonshine/Anoushka interviews, forget even trying to discern what they're saying without your volume blasting. But be careful if you do that, because then some sound effect, moaning girl or wacka-wacka will come at you full force, waking up your blissfully unaware family.

Credit where due, SC brings it on in the extras department with this two-disc special edition. The primary extra is on disc two, it's the additional super-short feature Night of the Groping Dead. This 48-minute atrocity is from the early days of the Factory 2000 crew, stars LaRocca and Mundae, in addition to a bunch of guys (sorry dudes) and is shot mostly on hand-held video. It shows. After an intro featuring LaRocca drooling blood on the camera for a while, we get seven minutes of her fingering herself through her pantyhose in a deserted Laundromat. Falling into a blissful post-orgasm nap, she's then fondled endlessly by a mysterious, poorly made-up zombie janitor who appears out of nowhere. And it gets worse, so much worse. Lots and lots of Karo Syrup blood is spilled and drooled in disgusting (but by no means gory, realistic or frightening fashion) as artsy editing makes you cringe. However, if aided by tons of drink, you might enjoy the notion, if not the sight of, 'stupid S&M zombie bitches' forcing their dying masters to perform cunnilingus. It looks like it was a lot more fun to shoot than it is to watch. And it isn't fun to watch. Nonetheless, LaRocca and Mundae are cute in their gear, like Suicide Girls with blood, and ultra bored fetishists may eke out a modicum of amusement. Disc two has its own set of extras in the form of a Misty Mundae Trailer Vault, about a half-hour of previews for 19 of Mundae's movies!

Meanwhile, back on disc one there is a five-movie Preview Trailer Vault (with some repeats from disc two) and a Get The Catalog screen with web and mailing information for Alternative Cinema (the Seduction Cinema umbrella company). There is a 12-minute interview with Ruby LaRocca, titled Reminiscing With Ruby, that features Ruby sitting on a red staircase, some wicked edge enhancement, and a nice motif: serious questions about Ruby's views on her career and the whole 'erotic' genre are flashed on screen in text, and Ruby answers to the camera. She's candid and down-to-earth, and plenty of clips and behind-the-scenes footage are shown. Hey, don't stop now, you say! How about a Commentary Track for Werewolf, with director Hellfire, director Michael Raso, and host/historian (of cable TV's Media Funhouse) Ed Grant? It has bad audio, (loud digital squelches, distorted, watery voices and uneven volumes for the different commentators) but it's entertaining nonetheless, covering plenty of the history and ethos of Seduction Cinema, stories about the various actresses, and other sundry stuff, as well as some in-depth stuff on the production of Werewolf. Grant also contributes a 7-page Booklet of Liner Notes for Werewolf. And the packaging features an awesome bit of Cover Art. Wowee!

Final Thoughts:
Though Seduction Cinema participants are professionals who take their work seriously, it doesn't exactly show, or perhaps it's just brilliantly transparent. Erotic Werewolf is 68-minutes of soft-core groping strung together with a thin plot about the title character looking for love. Her search ends badly, and if you are searching for something other than a relatively chaste way to have some fun with your block-and-tackle, your search is doomed too. Overall, the SC experience, as exemplified by Werewolf, is one of cheap, sleazy girl-on-girl thrills with the bare minimum of genre trappings and nods to cinematic standards. But the girls are cute, and true value is given to the fans with this hefty two-disc set. If you really, really like this stuff, I'll recommend this one, but for Average Movie Fan, you must Skip It.

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