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Deadpool - 4K UHD

20th Century Fox // Unrated // May 10, 2016 // Region 0
List Price: $39.99 [Buy now and save at Amazon]

Review by John Sinnott | posted May 30, 2016 | E-mail the Author
The Movie:

The Marvel comic character Deadpool made his big screen debut in X-Men
Origins: Wolverine
back in 2009, and this appearance made fans
collectively shout WTF! In his first appearance, the wise-cracking,
ultraviolent, politically incorrect antihero had his mouth sewn shut
for the entire movie, removing his defining characteristic: the
insane, yet funny gibberish that he constantly spouts. It would be
like portraying Spider-Man without his webs or Superman without his
sense of justice. (Okay, they did the last one in Batman V.
, and we all know how that turned out.) Luckily they
rebooted the character and started anew and the result is pretty
awesome. In his self-titles movie, Deadpool is just a wicked, funny,
and off the wall as his best comic appearances and that makes for a
hell of a film.

width="400" height="266">

From the first moments of the movie, viewers realize that they're
not watching a typical superhero flick. The scene is inside a car
that has gone out of control and is literally tumbling down the
freeway. Time is frozen and the camera pans between gruesome scenes
of violence (a man with a cigarette burn on his forehead, people who
have been shot) and comical images (a Hello Kitty figure, Deadpool
giving a guy a wedgie). While this is going on, the credits are
being presented to the tune of "Angel of The Morning" by Juice
Newton: Starring - God's perfect idiot... a hot chick... a British
villain... a gratuitous cameo... and a CGI character. Written by -
the real heroes here. Directed by - an overpaid tool. This opening
shot lets everyone know they're in for a wild, irreverent ride, and
the movie delivers.

Told in a non-chronological order, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a
dishonorably discharged Special Forces soldier who is not really
mentally stable and makes his living as a hitman/enforcer. After
meeting a hooker named Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) in a bar he
frequents he used the last of his money to buy some of her time...
to play skee-ball. She falls for his devil-may-care attitude and the
two are soon in love. Things are going well until Wade starts
feeling ill and discovers that he has cancer. "[The] cancer is only
in my liver, lungs, prostate, and brain. All the things I can live
without." Not wanting to have Vanessa see him wither away, Wade
takes a long shot and calls a shade character who promises not only
to cure his cancer, but also to give him super-powers.

The treatment works, but there's a cost: his how body is covered in
scar tissue and he looks grotesque, "like an avocado had sex with an
older, more disgusting avocado." Not wanted to see his love while
he's in this state, Wade decides that he needs to cover his face
(and his whole body) while looking for the guy who turned him into a
walking Freddie Krueger. He comes up with a costume and a cool code
name and starts the hunt.

This film is lots of fun mainly because, like its comic book
inspiration, it never takes itself too seriously. Deadpool is
irreverent, offbeat, and frequently breaks the fourth wall and
addresses the audience directly. Deadpool knows he's in a movie and
isn't afraid to admit it. When going into the treatment room to get
his cure, Wade pleads "please don't make the super-suit green... or
animated" a reference to Ryan Reynolds' role as Green Lantern. At
another point someone mentions the leader of the X-Men, Professor
Xavier, and Deadpool asks "McAvoy or Stewart? These timelines can
get so confusing."

Though the humor is low-brow more often than not, it's done in a
nice way that sometimes takes viewers just an extra beat to get the
gag. For example, early in the film Deadpool is surrounded by armed
men and he raises his hands and says "You may be wondering 'why the
red suit?' Well, that's so bad guys can't see me bleed. [pointing at
one of the villains] This guy's got the right idea... he wore the
brown pants."

While it's funny and very entertaining... I have to admit that this
is not a good date movie. It's rated R for a reason and there is a
lot of over-the-top violence that may turn off some viewers, such as
my wife. While I have the opinion that shooting three guys through
the head with one bullet is kind of impressive, my better have
didn't quite get the humor in the excessive viciousness. You've been

�The Ultra HD Disc:

This two-disc set includes the movie on both 4K UHD as well as a
standard Blu-ray.


Deadpool arrives on 4K UHD with a 2.40:1 ratio and a stellar 2160p
transfer. The image really pops and is significantly better than the
Blu-ray. There's just more detail and the colors are more vibrant.
The scene where Deadpool raises his smoking guns to his nose and
inhales the vapors was particularly impressive with the smoke having
more texture and depth. Deadpool's suit is also very striking, with
an amazing amount of detail present. Overall, this is a great
looking disc.


The audio is also stellar, featuring a Dolby Atmos track that really
impresses. The whole soundstage is utilized fully, with explosions
from all corners of the room and impeccable audio quality. If you
like dynamic, expansive and all around fun audio tracks, this is one
for you.


The 4K disc has two commentary tracks (which are also found on the
Blu-ray disc), the first with Ryan Reynolds and screenwriters Rhett
Reese and Paul Wernic and the second with director Tim Miller and
comic artist Rob Liefeld who created Deadpool with writer Fabian
Nicieza. Personally I would have been more interested in hear what
Fabian had to say about the character but you can't have everything.

The Blu-ray disc also includes a making of featurette that lasts an
hour and twenty minutes, several galleries, a 6-minute gag reel,
nearly 20-minutes worth of deleted and extended scenes, and Deadpool's
Fun Sack
, a 23-miunte fun video and some stills. Overall a
very nice package.

Final Thoughts:

Funny, action-packed, off-the-wall, and violent, Deadpool is a blast
from start to finish. They finally got the Merc with a Mouth right.
Highly Recommended.
Buy from






Highly Recommended

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