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Here's a run down of some of the major online DVD retailers. To help you find the best prices, check out our Price Search Section. Also bookmark our Top Bargain page to keep tabs on the best deals on the Internet.

Highly Recommended

If you're looking to buy a DVD at the lowest price posable then your first stop should be to Deep Discount DVD. Often a good $2-$3 under most other stores there's no doubt that Deep Discount DVD is the king of DVD bargains. Deep Discount DVD also gets high marks for customer service which seems to be very accesable - we experienced less than 5 mins when on hold checking on an order. The one down side to Deep Discount DVD is that their free shipping can take a while, especially for non pre-orders.

The best strategy for Deep Discount DVD is to get your preorder in early as they tend to take shipping time into account when shipping preorders and it's your best bet for getting your DVD on time or early. If ordering a DVD already released know it takes 24 hours for your order to be processed and then up to 10 BUSINESS DAYS to ship. If you're in a rush you'll probably need to select an upgraded shipping option or look at another store.

• Web: DeepDiscountDVD.com
• Phone: 1.800.264.5076
• Email: [email protected]

While their prices aren't the lowest (typically only 25% off pre-orders) Amazon does offer the convenience of ordering your DVDs, CDs, Books, and even Garden Tools all in the same order. It's clear that from a nuts and bolts point of view Amazon is hands down the expert when it comes to ecommerce with high marks for the order process, their fantastic wish list system, and order tracking. One of the great things about Amazon.com is they do issue a number of great coupons which can really bring the price down on your DVD orders. Over the past year Amazon has slipped in the customer service space, one of our recent customer service calls took over 20 mins and included talking to 3 different people. Amazon used to go much further to make good on problem orders, they still stand by their service but have stepped back a little in the 'make good' department.

We've found Amazon's Free Shipping (for orders over $25) to be speedier than DeepDiscountDVD however Amazon has an annoying habit of 'upgrading' orders selected for US Mail to UPS Ground which can actually end up being much slower than First Class mail! More than once we've had orders take FOREVER because they were 'upgraded to UPS Ground'. But all in all as solid an etailer as you'll find.

• Web: Amazon.com
• Phone: 1.800.201.7575
• Email: [email protected]

If you're looking for low prices you should definitely be sure to check out DVDEmpire. Most pre-orders are 30% which can result in some really solid deals on DVD. . DVD Empire also runs Adult DVD Empire one of the largest online Adult DVD stores on the net (see review below).

One very nice feature at DVDEmpire is their pre-order manager which is a great tool to keep track of the titles you've pre-ordered, and their order process is pretty flawless. DVD Empire gets good marks for customer service - a recent call to customer service was answered within 5 mins and the customer service person was able to address the issue right away. One of our biggest issues with their customer service is that it is only open till 5:30 ET which out west is only 3:30 PM, not nearly late enough. DVD Empire also gets good marks for shipping, with only exception being the same issues as with other stores with their 'Standard Mail' shipping which can take quite a long time.

• Web: DVDEmpire.com
• Phone: 724-933-0399
• Email: [email protected]

Of all the Highly Recommended Stores DVDPlanet.com is certainly the 'plainest' looking but don't let looks deceive you DVDPlanet.com gets extremely high marks for customer service, order handling and value. It's a wonder why DVDPlanet.com doesn't get more attention, what used to be called 'Ken Crane's' continues to be one of the most personable online etailer with quick and friendly customer service - a recent customer service call was answered within 1 min and the issue/question was resolved within a few moments. DVD Planet also gets strong marks for shipping. The biggest problem with DVD Planet is their site can sometimes be very slow and it's so utilitarian you may want to do your browsing elsewhere before buying here.

• Web: DVDPlanet.com
• Phone: 1-800-624-3078
• Email: [email protected]


Really the one and only reason to buy from Buy.com is price. Across the board they've got solid prices on their goods, but once in a while they have a smoking hot deal that is simply too good to pass up. Most customer experiences have been pretty good, but one member comments "when things go right with Buy.com it's heaven, but when things go wrong it's absolute hell."

• Web: buy.com
• Phone: 888.880.1030
• Email: Fill Out Form

If you've got a DVD you're sick of and you want to get some coin for it, there's no better place to go than Half.com. One of the best designed marketplaces we've seen Half.com makes it very easy to sell your DVDs, CDs, and Books. If you're in the market for used DVDs, Half has one of the biggest selections around. BE SURE to check out the customer ratings of the person selling the DVDs, as they are a good indication of how an order will go. One negative point, Half.com customer service stinks, so if there's a problem it can be a hassle.

• Web: Half.com
• Phone: 877.935.2646
• Email: [email protected]

Now so widely used Netflix has become a verb (I Neflixed That DVD). With distribution centers across the country Netflix does an outstanding job of getting your selections to you in a resonable amount of time. Some gripes include not having certain movies fast enough and issues with getting special edition DVD sets. But all in all Netflix is the iron horse of the Online Rental world.

• Web: Netflix
• Email: [email protected]

DVD Overnight
If you find yourself contstantly rooting for the little guy you'll want to consider DVD Overnight for online rentals. Rather than run a membership program, DVD Overnight permits single disc rentals online. They're run by a very nice family and have the feel of a local video store... only they're online and national.

• Web: DVDOvernight.com
• Email: [email protected]


If you're looking for an online Adult DVD Superstore look no further than AdultDVDEmpire.com. If it's out on DVD and it's adult it'll be up on AdultDVDEmpire.com which has a number of really exceptional tools to pick and purchase the Adult DVD you're looking for including: Box Shots (front and back), Screenshots, adult articles and interviews, trailers and suggestions. AdultDVDEmpire.com is run by the same company who runs DVDEmpire.com (see above). Customer service gets strong marks, but some DVDTalkers have had issues with returns, and like with many other retailers their free shipping can take a long time. AdultDVDEmpire.com issues frequent coupons and often has blow out sales which bring the cost down on Adult DVDs significantly - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

• Web: AdultDVDEmpire.com
• Phone: 1-888-383-1880
• Email: [email protected]

Five Star DVD
One of the biggest complaints many DVD Talk members have about Adult DVD's is the fact that they are so expensive! Five Star DVD breaks that myth with extremely low prices on top adult DVD's. Coupled with their low prices is great customer service (some of the best customer service online!), we've received a number of reports from DVD Talk Members who have had simply fantastic experiences with Five Star DVD. The site is simple, subtle and professional, so you don't have to worry about being assaulted by T & A. - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

• Web: Fivestardvd.com
• Phone: 800-815-7827
• Email: [email protected]

XRentDVD, they consider themselves and adult version Netflix, with a large selection of Adult DVD's they are a good place to try something out before deciding to buy it.

Not Recommended/ Dot Com Graveyard
• 800.com - Closed 2002
• Accompany - Closed 2001
• CDNow.com - Closed 2003
• Cinemazone.com - Closed 2001
• Checkout.com - Closed 2001
• BigStar.com- Stoped Selling 2001
• Djangos.com - Declard Bankrupcy 2002
• DVD Jam - Closed 2000
• DVDWave - Closed 2001 (acquired by CDUniverse)
• Entertainme - Closed 2004
• Mercata - Closed 2001
• Reel.com - Closed 2001

Have an experience with an online retailer post your thoughts in our Online Store Forum Area.


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