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Blueprint for Global Enslavement

Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement
2007 / Color & B&W / 1:78 anamorphic widescreen / 140 min. / Street Date November 13, 2007 / 19.95
Starring Alex Jones, Jim Tucker
Graphics Michael McWhirter, Glenn Dill
Film Editor Robert Jacobson
Original Music Graham Reynolds
Produced and Directed by Alex Jones

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Step right up! Get yer Eclectic Paranoia!

I wish I weren't reviewing this 'documentary', as even a negative review will give it what it wants, publicity. Believe me, this 'public service' film is so obnoxious and pernicious, it's scary.

The rise of the internet and radical talk show formats have given rise to a new freedom of information, but also an enormous proliferation of outright junk -- junk thought, junk opinion. Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement is the latest in a string of video productions from Alex Jones, a Texas talk radio personality who has previously warned against Big Government conspiracies to deprive Americans of their rights. Jones' alarm is for an enormous, knee-shaking conspiracy that would have Dr. Mabuse, Adolf Hitler and Lex Luthor shaking in their boots. Whereas his previous shows concentrated on police-state abuses of power and 9/11 conspiracies, Alex Jones' Endgame lumps 1001 hot-button topics into one all-powerful focus of perfidious Evil.  1

The show's basic premise (or, "documented fact in the elite's own words") is that an elite group of power brokers has determined all world events for the last two hundred years, starting with the Rothschilds in the early 1800s. Jones' conspiracy theory rehashes the same old bigoted blather about secret cabals of Jews or Papists, dressed up in a shiny video presentation.

Endgame identifies the newest incarnation of this conspiracy as the Bildenberg Group, a yearly meeting of influential world bankers, politicians and economists that Alex Jones and his cohorts have decided is in the last stages of a plan to abolish individual nations, enslave the world and use murder and sterilization to reduce its population by 80%. The entire concept is preposterous. In our modern information glut, with an amazingly misinformed public unable to identify important social concerns, Endgame's persuasive goulash of hysterical untruths is truly alarming. People can't find Iraq on a map and don't know how Social Security works, but they believe in flying saucers, psychics and every manner of bigotry and superstition. Endgame feeds the flames of ignorance.

All that really happens in Endgame is that Alex Jones and his disciples stand outside hotels where Globalism meetings are held, heckling limousines, interacting with calm security guards (to show the 'terror tactics' of the Elitist Cabal) and haranguing from the sidewalks with bullhorns. Jones and his cohorts are not legitimate anti-Globalism activists of the kind seen in legitimate documentaries like The Corporation; legitimate anti-Globalism activists recognize that the undesirable effects of unrestricted corporate power are systemic and natural ... companies want to get bigger, control more and consolidate their power.

No, Endgame instead sells a wild conspiracy fantasy with something to offer every malcontent and paranoid on the planet. If anything, Endgame's rants actually help Globalism, by branding its opponents as irrational cranks.

Just what does this 'docu' preach?
Endgame claims that the following are irrefutable FACTS:

The 'elites' have been planning a New World Order for hundreds of years.
They want a One-World Government that will abolish sovereign nations.
They want to strip all of our civil liberties, using surveillance and other technologies to control who procreates, where we live, how we live. It's Brave New World, 1984 and THX1138 rolled into one.
Population tracking is going on now.
They want to exterminate 80% of the world's population.
H.G. Wells, John Kennedy, George and George W. Bush, Wolfowitz, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Al Gore and The Queen of England are all members of this elite. The ones alive today pretend to do their jobs but really carry out the orders of the Elites.
During the Napoleonic Wars, the famous Rothschild family "bought up the entire British economy" and have ruled England ever since.
World Wars 1 and 2 were arranged and engineered by banking profiteers.
The League of Nations (instigated by that 'amateur' Woodrow Wilson) is part of the conspiracy, as is The United Nations. Socialism, Fascism and Communism were all failed totalitarian experiments of the Elites.
Edward VIII abdicated because he supported Hitler. (whaa?)
The European Union is the first major success of the Elites.
U.S. 'law' says that any U.S. officials meeting with 'agents of a foreign power' are committing treason.
Immigration policies have fashioned a "Red Dawn" foreign invasion scenario in slow motion.
The Elites plan to completely enslave the Third World. The war in Iraq is their present project. Bush is simply following their orders.
The Trans Texas Corridor (a proposed international highway from Mexico to Canada) is a plan to divide and conquer the U.S. When locals protested, Australian Elites bought up all the newspapers to squelch dissent!
The Patriot Act was enacted to enslave Americans; it and Bush's presidential orders give him dictatorial powers to do whatever he wants to any American citizen he wants to do it to. (Hey, I almost agree with that one!) .
The CIA backed Chairman Mao; Red China is the 'success story' of The New World Order.
Environmentalism is a fake, part of the conspiratorial plot, a "front for population control".
Eugenics, the science of selective breeding, is the New World Order's main weapon. Science Fiction authors predicted it and Hitler tried it out, but Americans have persisted in experimenting with it, with the aim of controlling populations.
"Planned Parenthood" is part of the Eugenics conspiracy, which ALL scientists believe in, from Nazi war criminals to modern scientists.
Nazi war criminals were all saved and protected by the Evil Elites.
Aldous Huxley's Brave New World was a purposeful essay about real, ongoing Elitist policies.
Agent Orange and other chemical and biological experiments are controlled by the Elites and will be used to depopulate the earth. All atrocious or inhuman research has been directed by the 'Global bosses.'
Two-thirds of foster children in America are forced to take psychotropic drugs. (direct quote)
Something called "The Club of Rome" is yet another name for the Elite conspiracy.
Global Warming is a fraud. The Sierra Club and Live Earth benefits are part of the sales tools of the conspiracy.
The earth is warming because the sun is getting hotter -- the ice moons of Jupiter and Saturn are melting! (direct quote)
Climate-change taxes are really being used to fund the New World Order.
The new British Prime Minister is a "psychopathic technocrat." (?)
We are lab rats for the media, being fed drugs and sexy entertainment as a bid for mind control.
All technology is Evil because it was developed by the Elite conspiracy. Malthusianism, Darwinism ... all Evil!
Alternate media (presumably, Jones' radio program) and the Internet are the only reliable sources of information.

Alex Jones has cast himself as Spartacus, shouting truth to power through his megaphone: "Hi! We're not your property! We're not your slaves! The New World Order will be defeated!" "The answer to 1984 is 1776!" He's ignored. He films himself asking citizens if they know that Elitists are meeting to enslave them. Most are clueless (Evidence that the conspiracy is working!) and the informed interviewees seem like ringers. Jones apes the bad manners of Michael Moore and pretends his targets are afraid of him.

If the Bilderberg people were hatching such extreme schemes, doesn't Jones think that they would be a little more secretive? Are people really so resentful and alienated from society that they might believe utter insanity like this? The power of cheaply produced DVDs allows Alex Jones to address his agenda in a 'credible' format. Hey, it's on DVD, right?

Obviously, everyone can find an issue in the dog pile above that resembles something that might be real. Corporate power is alarming. Presidential power is alarming. Where are those billions in war dollars going? Maybe Globalists are threatening our identity as Americans. But Endgame demands that we agree that (in the immortal words of The Firesign Theater, "Everything You Know Is Wrong." Endgame's hateful lies are too outrageous to parody. Awful, ugly propaganda that sounds like third-rate satire, is sold as the Truth.

Endgame eventually becomes boring. Its last twenty minutes tag on some fresh-off-the camera coverage of a new Bilderberg Group conference in Istanbul, attended by the conspiracy expert and Jones associate Jim Tucker. The presence of security following Tucker's car is evidence of the evil conspiracy. Jones ends his show with an after-hours bullhorn-amplified tirade at the home of the Governor of Texas. This is free speech?

The self-produced Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement is slickly edited from dozens of sources, whose quality ranges from good to execrable; Public Domain clips predominate so we see reels of old movies (Metropolis, Tomorrow's Children) and other people's documentaries. Some of the clips are so new they might have been swiped from non- P.D. sources. The new footage is widescreen enhanced, and old flat clips 'squash out horizontally.' Graphics and sound work are good, as is most of the voice recording. The music is effective. This menace to the public health has a classy-looking cover and artwork.

Three extras are included. A Jimmie Vaughan song is concerned with governmental control. Battle for the Republic is an inflammatory anti-immigration short designed to promote fear and loathing of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. In Istanbul Report, a Romanian acolyte of Alex Jones fills in, taking up 'special correspondent' duties alongside Jim Tucker.

On a scale of Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor,
Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement rates:
Movie: Homegrown propaganda of the worst kind
Video: reasonable to poor
Sound: almost all Very Good
Supplements: Three added short subjects, see above.
Packaging: Keep case
Reviewed: November 5, 2007


1. Was it Saturday Night Live that had this radio talk show skit? The host can't get any audience calls on three overexposed subjects, like (wild guess) homeless people, foster children and crack cocaine. In desperation, he announces that the new discussion topic is now "homeless people raping foster children by feeding them crack cocaine", and the radio phone bank lights up with dozens of calls. The eclectic Endgame basically does the same thing. Something for every paranoid in the house!

DVD Savant Text © Copyright 2007 Glenn Erickson

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