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Playboy Playmates 2000 - Chat Transcript
Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): I'd like to welcome tonight

Carol and Darlene Bernaola - The Playboy 2000 Playmates. Carol and Darlene were selected from a nation-wide search conducted by Playboy Magazine to find the first Playmates for the new millennium. Born in Chamchamayo, Villa Rica, Peru, the twins now reside in sunny Miami Florida.

Welcome Carol and Darlene.

Darlene: Hi!

Carol: Hello every one bug kiss to all of you guys

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): We've got a lot of questions for you from our members tonight, so we'll try to get through as many as we can.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Our first question - How did you get selected to be the Playboy Playmates 2000?

Carol: We were in Miami, and the last city that Playboy was searching was Miami, and they did a huge party at the Chaos Club which my husband owns. Someone mentioned to him we would be great for Playboy. That's where we met with Marilyn Gerbousky, and when she saw me, she said she would make me rich and famous, and of course I didn't believe here. When I mentioned to her that I had a twin sister she went crazy and that's when everything started

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What were you doing before you were playmates?

Darlene: I was recuperating from a car accident and Carol was working at her husband's nightclub doing public relations, etc.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Were you pretty nervous about being photographed in the nude?

Darlene: In the beginning I was nervous. As a professional you handle it in a very professional manner

Carol: They made us feel very comfortable to be around them. and they made it like it was nothing of the other world, it was more like a job and they made us feel real real nice

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What exactly is the Playboy Mansion like? Are there really all those wild parties?

Darlene: When I was in the mansion where we were shooting our first centerfold, there were great parties- more like regular parties

Carol: Home GREAT parties

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Was there a big party to celebrate being selected as 2000 Playmates?

Carol: It was a hug party of 400 people, mostly reporters. and yes it was an unbelievable party

Darlene: It was one of the best parties I've had in my life. It was a great experience!

Carol: To bad we didn't get to enjoy it too much, because we were being pulled around by reporters for interviews and stuff. But we did enjoy it

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): If one of you hadn't wanted to do it, would the other still have gone ahead and done the photo shoot?

Darlene: Yes

Carol: Yes! I couldn't let by this opportunity to bring out the Latin woman one way or another into the American market

Darlene: I am very proud that they picked Latin women to represent the women of the Millenium

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Did you meet other Playmate contestants and were they nice to you two ?

Darlene: Yes, we met two. One of them was very nice! The other one didn't like us too much!

Carol: They called us double trouble

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Carol since you are married... what did your husband think of you being in Playboy?

Carol: My husband thought it was a great opportunity and he was very proud and thank God he has been very supportive of my new career and he saw it was all about work

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do fans stop you on the street now that your issue has come out?

Carol: Yes

Darlene: Yes

Carol: Thank God They Do

Darlene: It's funny that they could recognize us with clothes on!

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you have any funny fan stories?

Carol: We were in Peru this past week doing a tour and there was this reporter who had this TV program about dares. His dare was to get an interview with us but because of our contract we couldn't. This guy put on bunny ears, followed us all around, was out side of our hotel jumping up and down and rolling on the ground. He followed us everywhere in his van, and even got up on the roof of it while it was moving. He almost got run over. When we found out how much effort he put in to trying to interview him, we went down to the lobby of the hotel and both give him a kiss, and thanked him for his enthusiasm. We later found out he won the dare :) P> Darlene: The last day in Peru my family invited me to go out to this mall- with clubs, etc.. I'm sitting having coffee and we decide to see if the club was open. We went to look at the club. My cousins looked scared and when I turned around to see why I saw that there there were more than 100 people behind us, looking at me. They were following us from the club to the open air area The security people had to chase everyone out so they wouldn't jump on top of us!

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do your friends treat you any different now that you are famous?

Carol: No they don't they just bug me a lot about it. They pick on me about it, and it's just a joke.

Darlene: They just like to goof around about it

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Did either of you read Playboy before you were selected as playmates?

Darlene: Never

Carol: Never, the first time I saw one was at the Playboy Mansion

Darlene: But we had heard about it and the reputation it had. I was not used to looking at women.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are you guys friends with any of the other Playboy Bunnies?

Carol: Yes we are really good friends with Hefner's girlfriend. We always call each other, but we aren't really friends with the other playmates. When we see them when we are out of town we do hang out with them.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Tell us a little about your Video Centerfold DVD... Where was it shot?

Carol: It was shot all in LA in these huge studios it took a lot of work and extremely fun.

Darlene: It was like shooting a movie. Everyone was so professional and it was lots of fun. The hours were long but it was well worth it when you see the results.

Carol: It took over a week and a half of shooting to make the DVD

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator):an> Was shooting the video harder or easier to do than the photo shoot for the magazine?

Carol: Harder

Darlene: Harder

Carol: A lot harder

Darlene: Because there were longer hours, constantly running around different makeup, wardrobe, with no real breaks

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): I've never seen a Playboy Video Centerfold can you tell me what to expect?

Carol: Is almost the same as the pictures in the magazine but it's like a photo shoot in video.

Darlene: Also it has a story to it - Mr. Hefner froze us in the 60's and this time machine brings us to today for a millenium party. It's also about where we grew up- the jungles- the scenery

Carol: We grew up in the jungles of Peru.. It also shows interviews with us and interviews with my mother and you get to know us much closer than you can in the magazine

Darlene: It was really beautiful

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How has the Latino community reacted to you being selected as the 2000 Playmates?

Darlene: We just came from Peru and Chile and I could definitely say we had a great great response. The community was so proud of us

Carol: So much in Peru, we had covers of every newspaper for a whole month. They actually had complaints that there are bigger problems in Peru that the newspapers should have paid more attention to, but we are still number one in the newsletters

Darlene: We got to go to the Palace of the President. We were supposed to meet the President but my sister was late. At least we got to see the Palace

Carol: We were supposed to meet the president and got to see the palace

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Did you ever get to meet the president?

Carol: We got there 15 mins late and missed him

Darlene: No, we arrived late so we didn't get to meet him, but we met other officials.

Carol: We got flowers from the senate of Peru, to the hotel, it was a really big deal to them. It is the second time a Peruvian was so internationally successful. They compared us to the Peruvian astronaut who works at NASA. They said they were very proud we could represent Peru

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you use the Internet much? If so do you have an e-mail address we can send fan mail to?

Darlene: Yes, I use my email a lot - [email protected] I love to use the computer!

Carol: Unfortunately I don't have time for it

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Now that you've been Playboy Playmates, what's next?

Darlene: We are having a lot of opportunities in TV and movies but we are getting training in acting, so when we do something we will do it correctly.

Carol: I am moving in March to New York to learn acting, singing and dancing and to pursue my modeling career. Right now I want to really work on my skills to be more competitive in the future

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Darlene, are you moving as well?

Darlene: No, I'm not. I'm staying in Miami

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you think your careers are now tied together as twins or can you have individual careers as well.

Darlene: I don't think we're tied. I'm getting offers to do a movie and soap opera. Some opportunities may be for both, but we are not tied together

Carol: We are not tied, we might look a like but we are 2 different people, I am also getting individual offers and I am pursuing modeling right now because I am not yet ready for acting jobs

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Darlene, which movie.... which soap opera are you up for?

Darlene: Nothing concrete right now, so I can't say anything. I'm getting offers from the Latin market. I'm reading a script for a movie, but I'll make a decision in the next week or two

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you plan to do any more work for Playboy?

Carol: I do plan to keep promoting the magazine as long as they still want me I will still work with them. I am really trying to make a change and pursue more acting and modeling

Darlene: If I still have the opportunity I'll do it. My main interest in acting, but I will certainly promote Playboy if the opportunity is there.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are adult films completely out of the picture or would you consider them?

Carol: Definitely out of the picture

Darlene: Definitely out of the question. Never. I'd rather starve to death!

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you have plans to open your own official websites ?

Darlene: Yes. Very soon

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you have an URL yet?

Darlene: We're working on it, I've secured darlenebernaola.com but nothing is up there yet

Carol:l> We will let you know!

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Where will you be during college spring break? Will you do any promotion??

Darlene: At the moment we don't know.

Darlene: They let us know our schedule a month ahead

Carol: I will definitely be in Miami

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do either of you own or plan to own a DVD Player?

Carol: Yes! It's the next item I need to buy

Darlene: Well now I have to! It'd be a shame to have my own DVD and not have a dvd player!

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What is your favorite movie?

Carol: Has to be Scarface!

Darlene: The Godfather, Casino, Goodfellows, Patch Adams

Carol: Also life is Beautiful

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): You both aspire to be actresses - who are your favorite actresses of all time?

Carol: Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Jessica Lange

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Which Month's issue exactly of Playboy are you in?

Darlene: January!

Carol: January, the Millenium Issue!!!

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are there any models or Playmates who have been an inspiration to you?

Darlene: Not that I know of

Carol: The only playmate - Marilyn Monroe

Darlene: That's the only one that can actually be an inspiration

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How much input or control did you have over your pictorial?

Darlene: If they told us to do something that we didn't want to do, we had a choice to not do it

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you find that getting involved with the Playboy organization has opened new doors to you, and if so, how?

Carol: Absolutely. We had a lot of promotion in a sense that a lot of clients want us to promote their product. We've had a lot of offers in Peru to do commercials

Darlene: It has definitely opened doors for us in a good way

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): When you see pictures of the two of you together - or even on the video you shot for Playboy - can both of you always tell who is who? or do you sometimes even get confused yourselves?

Carol: At the beginning we did get confused not exactly the ones in the magazine, but the pictures they use in promotions

Darlene: It's funny

Carol: I didn't always know who is who in the magazine you can tell the difference

Darlene: In different pictures sometimes we're almost doubles

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How have your views on Playboy changed since you have done the pictorial?

Carol: Obviously I am much more educated about it and I think completely different about it. It's a magazine that shows the beauty of a nude woman.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Was it strange posing nude with your sister?

Carol: It was more comfortable that my sister who was my accomplice so I felt a lot less uncomfortable.

Darlene: It was like we were supporting each other

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Have you two done any other pictorials prior to the Playboy shoot?

Carol: No

Darlene: No

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Did you both get your tattoos at the same time? Is there a story behind them?

Darlene: No, no story. Just being crazy!

Carol: The same thing, no real story behind them. We didn't get them at the same time and.... I got mine first :)

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you two like music and if so what are your musical taste?

Carol: I LOVE Latin music, Salsa. I like Hip Hop, Techno European music. I love to dance to salsa

Darlene: I love every single kind of music- Barry White.I love salsa like crazy- anything that has a great rhythm

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Where is the best place to go dancing in Miami?

Carol: Depends on the music. Miami has a lot of variety. For salsa it's hard to recommend a club, as many of the good salsa clubs aren't the most safe of clubs

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Under what circumstances did you move to the US from Peru.

Darlene: It was for the economic situation in our country. The terrorism was really bad. We came here for the American Dream.

Carol: We were able to start all over

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What one thing do you want to do now you are a Playmate that you wouldn't have been able to do before?

Carol: Travel!

Darlene: Travel and have lots of fans!

Carol:Yes most definitely, having all those wonderful fans and getting all that attention that's one of the things we are very grateful for.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Thanks Carol and Darlene for joining us tonight

Darlene: Thank you DVDTalk for having us.

Carol: Thanks for this opportunity for communicating with our fans

Darlene: Thank you so much to the fans!

Carol: And thanks to you all of our fans for joining us tonight. Big Kisses

Darlene: Big kisses!!!

Carol: Muchos Besitos!

Darlene: Muchos besitos!

Carol: Thank you for having us here tonight!

Darlene: Thank you so much!


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