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Zalman King - Chat Transcript
Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Our DVD Talk Chat guest tonight is Zalman King. Zalman has firmly established himself as one of the great pioneers of the erotic/romantic genre with such landmark works as: 9 1/2 Weeks, Two Moon Junction, and Red Shoe Diaries. Zalman joins DVD Talk to discuss the release of Red Shoe Diaries on DVD,

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Welcome Zalman

Zalman King: Thank you, it's good to be here.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you have a DVD Player? If so, what is your favorite DVD?

Zalman King: Yes I have a DVD Player. My Favorite DVD? Wow That's hard to say. I don't have a favorite

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): With your credits running the gamut from producer to actor, to writer to director...what is your favorite role that you take on in the filmmaking process?

Zalman King: um, probably well, I categorize writing producing and directing in the the same class most of my films I am the co-writer producer director and so it's the norm. If I had to chose one it would be director

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): You've jumpstarted the careers of many young actors...David Duchovny, Linda Fiorentino, Kim Basinger...which ones were good experiences?

Zalman King: They were all good experienced. I remain closest to David

Duchovny Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How did David Duchovny come to be the host of the Red Shoe Dairies?

Zalman King: I did a move first which will be coming out on DVD Soon, which was the original Showtime movie, which launched the Red Shoes Series and he played the main character in that and I contracted with him to be the host of the series

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are you a fan of the X-files? What do you think of the show's references to porn with respect to David Duchovny's character in that show?

Zalman King: I AM a fan of the X-files. But in terms of the porn.... I don't really watch it too often so I can really answer that

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What is your favorite Red Shoes Dairies episode and why?

Zalman King: my favorite, probably 2 - one is Heart of Loneliness because I like the story of the late night radio talk show host. I like that for the language and I did another one, a tough one called Tears, Which is a ballet which I really love. It takes place in the past in Poland right before World War II. I love that one. There's a bunch I really like - There's one called Mercy that I like because it's really funny, There's also a GREAT one with David called Jake's Story Where he comes back and did an episode

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What's the story behind the different versions of the Red Shoe Diaries aired on Showtime and the rental version?

Zalman King: The DVD version basically runs 3 show together and there are interstitial which link the shows which is additional footage. I do a commentary on the DVD it really has a lot more to offer. Some of them are indeed "hotter", more erotic.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Was due to the bounds of cable TV?

Zalman King: It's sort of an unwritten agreement between Showtime and myself as a producer that I keep it within certain perimeters but they don't police me, it's more self imposed censorship than anything else. It's been a good relationship. You don't want to scare away an audience who might like it

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What actors/actresses would you like to work with?

Zalman King: Uma Therman, Brad Pitt, Mira Sorvino I like her and I think she's really under used. Also Hillary Swank from Boys Don't Cry. I do like working with unknowns and being there at the beginning of their career... Also Heather Graham too, I really like her as well

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Gus Van Saints was lucky to work with Heather early in her career in Drugstore Cowboy?

Zalman King: My daughter was Guys Van Saint's assistant on Drugstore Cowboy Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Which actor would you most like to work with again?

Zalman King: Wow.... that's a tough one David for sure, Mickey I loved working with, Sherlyn Fenn I loved to work with, Kim. All of them!

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What directors are you inspired by?

Zalman King: Kazan and Bernado Bertolucci

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are there any plans for any more new episodes of Red Shoe Diaries?

Zalman King: No, but I am doing a new series called chromium-blue.com for Showtime we are doing 26 episodes and it will come out in 2001.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Can you tell us more about the new 'chromium-blue.com' series?

Zalman King: It's going to take place in Europe, it takes place on a boat that travels all around the world. People come on the boat and are made over and they are given their fantasies. It should be great, I am writing the scripts now/

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What was your favorite ACTING experience?

Zalman King: I love playing Christ. I Played Christ in the film Passover Plot and I played a Ski Bum with Charlotte Rampling

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What do you think of the new erotic genre started by movies like Romance?

Zalman King: I didn't know there was a new Genre :) Romance is fine I don't know what other films were inspired by it

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): In 9-and-half weeks, were the colors of Kim Bassinger's dress inspired from Dial M for murder?

Zalman King: No

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Will Lake Consequence come out on DVD{I love it}?

Zalman King: Yeah I would think so..... The rights will revert back to us really soon Its currently owned by Republic Pictures which is owned by Artisan

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How long does it take to put together a new show like 'chromium'...from concept to airing?

Zalman King: It takes about a year to do it properly

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you prefer doing projects for the small screen or the large

Zalman King: I like the large screen for all the obvious reasons, but the small screen for shows like Red Shoes, there's a tremendous freedom I enjoy. The pressures are not as great.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What made you break out of the erotica mold, and create a film like "In God's Hands"?

Zalman King: I love extreme sports and I love the mythology of surfing. I love the challenge of traveling all over the world to film it, it was phenomenal

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you you have any plans to do another feature erotic or otherwise?

Zalman King: Yes. The Pilot to Chomium-Blue will be erotic. I am also contracted to remake Spellbound for the big screen

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): For which studio?

Zalman King: The bubble factory, Sid Sheimberg

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): As an actor, Did you have fun doing your 1981 sci-fi movie "GALAXY OF TERROR" ?

Zalman King: YES! It was ridiculous, it was perfect

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Was it fun to play a crazed disco DJ on CHARLEIS ANGELS?

Zalman King: Yeah, I did that for my kids who loved Charlies Angels (at the time) It was really fun

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What happen to Bruce Clark, who directed you in GALAXY OF TERROR and SKI BUM. I figured you would have him direct one of your RED SHOES. Did he retire from the business?"

Zalman King: Bruce Clark moved to Seattle and I haven't seen him in years. I have a lot of respect for him... That is a good idea about asking him to direct, I never thought about it

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Ss TRIP WITH THE TEACHER one of your favorite roles? Or the worst film you did

Zalman King: It was the worse film I did and my favorite role, it was just trashy perfect, it is full on camp. The film cost $11,000

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you think it's getting more difficult to make campy fun movies?

Zalman King: Oh Yeah. People are taking things a little too seriously

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What do you like to do during your Free time ?

Zalman King: Travel and Write

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you ever get to surf?

Zalman King: Not Lately

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): When you did BLUE SUNSHINE , did you ever thought it would become a cult classic, despite cinema shares giving it a bad release?

Zalman King: Yes I did. It was another ridiculous film with a LOT of energy

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you orient your erotic films to make them more appealing to women than men?

Zalman King: Yes. Definitely

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What is the difference between an erotic show like Red Shoe Diaries and something that is more porn?

Zalman King: The motivation of the characters. I hate use the word.... but soul. The trajectory of the characters... Most good erotica is based very heavily in the characters and the journey of the characters and their compulsion Like in 9 1/2 weeks the courage for Kim Bassinger to move through that relationship. In my opinion in good in erotica you identify with the character and you take the journey with the character, which is different that 2 people making love on the screen or 10 people making love on the screen...

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Have you seen Eyes Wide Shut, and if so what did you think of it :-)

Zalman King: I did see Eyes Wide Shut and it was fascinating

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you think you will work with Mickey Rourke again?

Zalman King: I would love to

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Since you hired Meatloaf and Alice Cooper in ROADIE, any chance you will hire them again

Zalman King:I think meatloaf is a fantastic actor, I would certainly hire him if appropriate

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What was it like working with Joan Severance?

Zalman King:Wonderful! I think Joan Severance is a really wonderful and courageous actress and in my opinion is overlooked. She is really, really, good. She s probably overlooked because of her extraordinary beauty

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Whatever happened to your star of WILD ORCHID 2 Nina Siemazko

Zalman King: I don't know, but she is another really gifted actress. I know she got married. She is a friend of mine, but I haven't seen her in a while

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are you considering Joan for Chromium-Blue?

Zalman King: So far no.... I'm sure for episodes. The lead character is written for an extraordinary woman. I never really thought about it until right this minute, maybe.....

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are you writing the role with anyone in mind?

Zalman King: No I am trying to write a contemporary Holly Go Lightly, sort of a free spirit.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Does Chromium-Blue have a recurring cast, or all new characters in each episode?

Zalman King: It has a recurring cast and guest stars.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Like the love boat?

Zalman King: No. not like the love boat, it's so far from the love boat you can't imagine

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What does the .com in the series mean and will there a web aspect to the show?

Zalman King: The people who come on the boat apply through the Internet, fictionally. There will be a web aspect to the show

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Will there be additional content for each show on the web?

Zalman King: Yes, continuously.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Can you tell us the controversy surrounding your film BOCA with Martin Sheen? I heard it got a huge uproar in some festivals?

Zalman King: Yeah it did<. I think the blending of real high erotica and politics bent people out of shape. Because it was a higly political film but also highly erotic

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What would people who watch The West Wing Think about it?

Zalman King: Martin had nothing to do with the erotic end of it, he was part of the political end. Basically I think it would be fascinating for people who watch the West Wing. It's actually politics and action - of the worse kind

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): I saw your film SHAME SHAME SHAME on Showtime, and it looked cut. IS there a longer version?

Zalman King: I don't know what you saw, I don' t think so

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): I really liked the actress on the RED SHOE episode with Brent Frazier, the one with the French Stripper. What happen to her?

Zalman King: I don't know what happened to her. I liked her too though.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What goes into casting a film? Do you write with specific actors in mind?

Zalman King: Normally no. Because it's very hard to get the actors you sometimes want, especially when you are making an erotic movie.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Any found memories of working with Richard Pryor in SOME CALL IT LOVING?

Zalman King: Oh yeah! I worked with Richard with Some Call It Loving and You've Got To Walk It Like You Talk it Or You Lose The Beat. I loved working with Richard, he's one of the funniest men you could meet. I loved the experience

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you think it's necessary to do more main stream films to get recognition from the industry?

Zalman King: Obviously

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Were you able to attend the tribute to Richard at the Santa Barbara Film Festival last weekend?

Zalman King: No, I missed it

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): whatever happen to the Edward G Robinson film you did back in 72 directed by Steve stern?

Zalman King: It's a wonderful film called Neither By Day Neither By Night. I think we won the Berlin Film Fest. I loved that film

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What do you think of the many references in other films and shows to 9 1/2 weeks?

Zalman King: I see it as a compliment

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you know if there are plans to release ALL of the episodes of Red Shoes Dairies to DVD?

Zalman King: Yes, Eventually. There are 66 episodes in all

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Will you be doing commentaries for all of them?

Zalman King: I don't know, I guess if people like it. It's up to Showtime if they think it was interesting.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What was it like revisiting some of these episodes when you did your commentary?

Zalman King: Nostalgic. Especially if I liked the episode

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Thank you Zalman for joining us tonight

Zalman King: Thanks, Goodnight everyone


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