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American Pie Sean Scott "Stifler" and Chris Owen "Shermanator" - Chat Transcript
Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Welcome to tonight's online chat with American Pie stars Chris Owen "The Shermanator" and Seann Scott "Stifler".

In addition to American Pie, Chris Owen has also appeared in the motion pictures - October Sky, She's All That, Can't Hardly Wait, Black Sheep, Angus and Major Payne. Sean Scott made his feature film debut in American Pie, and can be seen in two upcoming Movies: Road Trip (with Tom Green) and Final Destination Chris and Sean will share their experiences on making American Pie.

Welcome Chris and Sean

ChrisOwen: thanks man, glad to be here.

Seann_Scott: yeah baby

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Our first question is going to be for Chris... What do you think about the resurgence of teen-sex-comedy movies?

ChrisOwen: Well, i mean its good for me, meaning more work.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are you worried about being type cast in Teen-Sex Comedy movies?

ChrisOwen: not really, i used to be. But as I've gotten older its gotten better.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How did you both end up being in this movie?

Seann_Scott: When I auditioned for it, it was at a time in my career when I was pretty lucky to get a movie script or an audition for a movie there was a lot of buzz about the script being really funny and when I got it, it was the funniest thing I ever read and I went in and auditioned and I felt that the only way I could get the part was by taking a risk so I just sort of went crazy with it.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How about you Chris, how did you end up being in American Pie?

ChrisOwen: Originally, i didn't even want to audition. Since i had been in other teen movies i thought it was just gunna be another of those. And i thought they would go a different way with the character, but my manager talked me into going in for it. I met with Chris and Paul and it just went really well, next thing i know, i had the part

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Did either of you think that American Pie would be as big as it is?

Seann_Scott: Actually at the time we were filming it, There's Something About Mary was in the theaters and we knew that some of the characters were similar in the type of humor. Dumb and Dumber was like that too, and Jason Biggs and I, we both felt it would be a big hit

ChrisOwen: I had no idea, as i said before i thought it would just be another teen film.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Is Eugene Levy really the funniest man in the world?

Seann_Scott: I didn't shoot any scenes with him, but I did get to see him shoot with Jim in the scene with the magazine and I do think he's a genius, and he's able to do things that no one else can.

ChrisOwen: Yes. He is.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Did either of you get to be on the set during the infamous pie scene?

Seann_Scott: He's a good friend, but...

ChrisOwen: No, wasn't there, and i think its better that i wasn't. Like Seann said, he's a great guy, but i don't need to see that live.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Were you able to do a lot of ad-libbing on American Pie?

Seann_Scott: Yeah, that was one of the greatest rewards of being part of that movie. The Weitz bros. were really open to ideas and once they felt they'd gotten a certain take, they'd give us freedom to really kind of explore different angles of a scene

ChrisOwen: Yeah, what he said.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What were your guys' favorite scene in American Pie?

Seann_Scott: I'd have to say the whole internet scene with Jason Biggs and Shannon Elizabeth

ChrisOwen: yeah, I'd go with that scene too.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Have you had a lot of people come up to you and say "Yo! Your character was just like my friend so-and-so?

Seann_Scott: All the time, which is really rewarding because that was kind of my goal, too be the guy that everyone knew in high school. I kind of built the character Stiffler around a few guys I knew in high school since I'm really not like that character

ChrisOwen: No, but i think Sherman, was a pretty unique guy.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Chris, any truth to the rumor that you'll be starring as the Dormouse in the upcoming Alice in Wonderland movie?

ChrisOwen: no.... that's a pretty strange rumor.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): what was really in the pale ale and how did taste?

Seann_Scott: It was egg whites and I really tried not to think about what it was supposed to be. Every time we did I take I just drank it and pretended it was beer.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How did you feel about lines like, "How's the manchowder?"(which was replaced w/ "How's the pale ale?", which sounded worse) being left out of the "uncut" dvd version?

Seann_Scott: I think with the actors that were in the movie, everyone was so funny that either line as it was delivered was funny and it was the actor that made it funny

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What do you have to say to the kid who tried to make it w/ a pie in real life and got burnt?

Seann_Scott: where is this? hold on I gotta tell my roommates that one...

ChrisOwen: why man? why?

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): So do either of you own DVD players?

Seann_Scott: no I don't

ChrisOwen: yeah, i do.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Chris what is your favorite DVD?

ChrisOwen: right now? Shawshank Redemption, Lock, Stock, and Two Smokin barrels, and still love the Matrix

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How do your friends now treat you with your new found stardom ?

Seann_Scott: My friends were always real supportive of what I did, whether I had a part with two lines or a part in American Pie. They were thrilled when the movie came out

ChrisOwen: I'm quite lucky to have the friends i have. They think its cool. But I'm still the same old Chris to them. They actually tease me about being the famous one. (they're all actors too)

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do either of you know if there will be an American Pie 2 and would want to be in it?

Seann_Scott: I heard them talking that they wanted to do a sequel, which for me, a classic movie like that should be left alone. But, I feel pretty happy with how well Stiffler was received

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Sean, how well do you play lacrosse?

Seann_Scott: I play horribly. We actually practiced, Chris Klein, and I for three weeks to try and develop some skills. But, it was all sort of for naught - Thank god for doubles.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): (Question from a high school senior in the audience) I find American Pie to be a pretty accurate portrayal of being a high school senior, do you think the MPAA is too much of an "Old Boys Club" to see movies like this for what they are?

Seann_Scott: I think American Pie has some risqueness that Hollywood hasn't seen in recent movies so they probably had a tough time rating it. The final product ended up being pretty much what everyone involved envisioned it. It didn't change very much.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are there any directors you really want to work with?

Seann_Scott: Wes Anderson

Seann_Scott: He and the guy who did "Being John Malkovich" Spike Jonez

ChrisOwen: yeah, same here.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Was American Pie filmed before Chris Klein did "Election" and Mena Suvari did "American Beauty"? What did you think of those films?

Seann_Scott: It was filmed after Election, but before American Beauty. I loved American Beauty. I only saw a rough-cut of Election, but what I did see was great and I thought Chris was great in it.

ChrisOwen: Election was amazing (got it on dvd) and American Beauty is one of my favorite movies.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Of the actors in American Pie, who did you most enjoy working with and why?

Seann_Scott: I really loved working with everybody . All the characters were really funny

ChrisOwen: Everybody on the movie was great, i can't single one person out, either.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Chris Owen, How do you feel about playing nerdy characters, are you worried about being typecast?

ChrisOwen: You take the jobs you can get. But things are getting better.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Sean how was it working with Tom Green, is he as crazy, and frantic as he appears on television?

Seann_Scott: He is in person, just really quiet, nice and kind of a positive person to be around. He comes up with some really crazy and hilarious thing, just kind of on the spot so sometimes you're in a scene with him, you kind of forget that he's in the scene and end up watching him. He's a really funny person

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are you two currently in college? and do a lot of people on campus bug you with questions about American Pie?

Seann_Scott: No, I'm not in college, but I'd like to be.

ChrisOwen: Not in college.

ChrisOwen: I want to go eventually.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do either of you have any upcoming projects in the works ? If so what are they ?

ChrisOwen: I'm going to be in a film with David Arquette, Scott Caan, and Oliver Platt, which was still untitled last I heard, and i have character on a new WB show called Brutally Normal.

Seann_Scott: There was a movie I was in called Final Destination that comes out in March

Seann_Scott: With Devon Sawa and Ali Larper. I have another movie coming out in Summer, I think, called Road Trip With Tom Green and Breckin Meyer

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What do you guys do for fun?

ChrisOwen: Party, hang out with friends, see movies, and practice bass.

Seann_Scott: Actually, my best friend and I went to Australia for a month just got back a couple days ago. We just kind of backpacked all over Australia.Other than travel, read play guitar.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do You Prefer the Unrated Version or the R-Rated Version of American Pie?

ChrisOwen: I haven't seen the unrated version yet.

Seann_Scott: Neither have I

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Have your mothers' seen the film and what do they think?

Seann_Scott: My mom saw it and I thought she was going to have a heart attack, but she ended up really liking it.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Chris--what was actually on that pizza you ate in "She's All That"?

ChrisOwen: Corn Silk.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What movie genre do must like to act in?

Seann_Scott: I've always been more in tune with drama

ChrisOwen: i enjoy comedy and drama. A nice balance of both is great.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do either one of you have your own web site?

ChrisOwen: yeah i think i got one out there.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How much are you like the characters you played in American Pie?

Seann_Scott: Nothing like it

ChrisOwen: I'm not like Sherman at all, in fact most people think its amazing how not like him i am.

Seann_Scott: Well, I think there's always some connection at some point with your character

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you prefer to do TV or Film the most?

ChrisOwen: film all the way.

Seann_Scott: I prefer film

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Any love interests between yourselves and your co-stars of American Pie?

Seann_Scott: Unfortunately, no

Seann_Scott: I had a crush on my mom in the movie... :)

ChrisOwen: Natasha might have had a crush on me, but nothing happened.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you guys still keep in contact with other actors from American Pie?

ChrisOwen: not really for me, for some reason its really hard to keep in touch, when you go back to your normal lives and friends. But I've worked with Eddie on Brutally Normal and hung out with him some.

Seann_Scott: I try to, but unfortunately, everyone involved is kind of busy. I think we're going to try and stay in touch for a long time. It was a pretty special group.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Chris, what is your character in the upcoming "Ready to Rumble"?

ChrisOwen: He helps David and Scott's characters with their journey.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are either of you going to be in Star Wars Episode II?

ChrisOwen: not that i know of.

Seann_Scott: nope, but I've got a big crush on Natalie Portman :)

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What is your all-time favorite movie ? Seann_Scott: I'd probably have to say The Godfather

ChrisOwen: I couldn't narrow it down to one movie.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What part of making American Pie did you enjoyed the most?

Seann_Scott: For me, it was making the character that was written, come to life. Then having everyone respond by saying that they knew someone just like that.

ChrisOwen: The free food and drinks. Actually the whole experience was awesome.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Porky's seemed to have opened the doors for teeny bobber comedies....there haven't been that many great one's since American Pie. Do you think American Pie will revitalize this genre?

Seann_Scott: I think that any movie that makes a lot of money, other people are going to try to make movies that are similar and try to follow the same formula so yeah, i think there are going to be more comedies that are similar. But, whether they'll be well done or well written is another issue.

ChrisOwen: Yeah, i feel the same way, if there's money in it, they'll probably go for it.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How long did it take to film American Pie?

Seann_Scott: It was about two months?

ChrisOwen: about 6 weeks i think

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Was it shot on location or on a sound stage?

Seann_Scott: A lot of it was in Long Beach

ChrisOwen: mostly on location with some sound stage stuff

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): 6 Weeks seems to be a really short time to shoot a movie, was it a mad rush?

ChrisOwen: actually, no it was pretty laid back.

Seann_Scott: Didn't seem like it...I heard a lot of people say it was one of the smoothest productions.

ChrisOwen: American Pie was damn smooth, but at the same time i was working on She's all That, which wasn't so smooth..

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Any bloopers on the set of American Pie we should here about?

Seann_Scott: There really weren't that many bloopers that I could remember There would be funny things where people would trip over things. A lot of times we would just be trying to make each other laugh during the scene.

ChrisOwen: Chris and Paul would give me an extra line or two, to just throw in, but not really many bloopers

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do either of you have e-mail addresses fans can send fan mail to?

Seann_Scott: I don't have an e-mail address yet. I'm sort of computer illiterate.

ChrisOwen: [email protected]

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How did you first get your start in feature film acting?

Seann_Scott: American Pie was my first movie, but I was auditioning for three years before that

ChrisOwen: Angus was my first real film, but i had been acting for about 3 threes before that as well.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you have any aspirations to write producer direct?

ChrisOwen: As of now, i just want to keep on acting.

Seann_Scott: I would love to direct someday after I've worked more and learned more. I'd love to direct comedy.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Any insight into why they changed the name of the film from Great Falls to American Pie?

Seann_Scott: I heard that they had actually done test screenings and a lot of people loved the movie but hated the title. "Great Falls" that is

ChrisOwen: I think they wanted American Pie from the beginning, but couldn't use it for some reason. Then one day Universal said ok you guys can use it. But i could be wrong.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Which actor or actress would you most want to shoot a movie with?

Seann_Scott: I like Russell Crowe

Seann_Scott: Him and Sean Penn or Edward Norton

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Upon reading the American Pie script the first time, what were your first impressions of the movie?

ChrisOwen: I thought it was damn funny.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Have you guys ever tried to watch scrambled porn?

Seann_Scott: No, never did :)

ChrisOwen: nope.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What type of music do you listen to?

Seann_Scott: Alternative... Radiohead, Weezer

Seann_Scott: I also like trance and techno alternative, ska, punk, funk, jazz, and alot of other stuff. i love music.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are you both single? If so, who would be your first choice to date in Hollywood?

Seann_Scott: Yeah, I'm pretty single

ChrisOwen: Not single right now.

Seann_Scott: I'd have to say, Natalie Portman

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Given the opportunity, is there anything that you would change about the way you played your characters...in hindsight?

Seann_Scott: No, I felt pretty good with it.

ChrisOwen: I'm my biggest critic, but i think i did pretty good.

Seann_Scott: It was one of the few things I'd done where every day I walked away feeling like I did what I wanted to do.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What was Nadia like to work with?

Seann_Scott: I didn't really get to work with her

ChrisOwen: sadly i didn't really have any scenes with her.

Seann_Scott: She is beautiful, though.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Any one moment during shooting that you will always remember?

Seann_Scott: I don't think I'll forget any of the things that happened but, I think the one moment probably is when I was doing a take of drinking the beer and in my reaction to tasting the beer, I sort of burped, and almost threw up. Pretty much the whole first and last days on the set were pretty memorable.

ChrisOwen: its not as much one moment, but the whole experience. It really was a great time.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): how old are the both of you?

ChrisOwen: I'm 19.

Seann_Scott: I'm 23

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What was toughest part about making American Pie?

Seann_Scott: Probably saying goodbye to everybody, knowing that I had two of the best months of my life

ChrisOwen: yeah, that it ended.

Seann_Scott: The filmmaking part was coming to the end, but we knew we had made something special.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): I want to thank Chris and Seann For Joining us tonight

ChrisOwen: Was my pleasure.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): I hope you guys will visit us again when your next film hits DVD

Seann_Scott: Cool. Thank you very much.

ChrisOwen: cool.


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