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Bruce Campbell - Chat Transcript
Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): I'd like to welcome everyone to tonight's DVD Talk Chat With Special Guest Bruce Campbell.

Many of you know Bruce Campbell from his unforgettable role as ASH in Army of Darkness, but through countless film and television roles Bruce has brought his unique brand of humor and whit to create characters that you remember long after the movie or show has come and gone.

Tonight Bruce Joins us from New Zealand where he is shooting a new TV series called Jack of All Trades, you can get more info on the new show and Bruce at his web site: http://www.bruce-campbell.com

Welcome Bruce

Bruce Campbell: Greeting cyber people - I come in peace

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): We have a full line of questions here and will try to get to as many as possible.

Bruce Campbell: go for it

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): First Question: With your new show, do you still plan to do guest appearances on Xena?

Bruce Campbell: The new show Jack of all trades will take up about 6 months of my year so it's still possible but I haven't had that discussion with the Zena folks

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What are your plans for new movies? Are there any features that are awaiting release?

Bruce Campbell: There's new stuff on DVD, one is called Running Time a very cool independent film that is very ambitious. There is also a release of the Evil Dead films. I'm pretty much into television these days.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): I heard you were writing a book can you tell us about it?

Bruce Campbell: I'd love to tell you about it. It has a working title called Confessions of a B Movie Actor due out fall 2000 through St. Martins Press. I'll update it on my website as I get more info. It's essentially an insiders view of working class Hollywood.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Tell us a little bit about your new series?

Bruce Campbell: The new series Jack of All Trades is like a gourmet meal for goofballs if you took a dash of Wild Wild West add a dash of Get Smart on top and a garnish of F Troop and a helping of Moonlighting... that's what you'd get. I play America's first spy in 1802 sent to the West Indies to stop evil Napoleon.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What's the latest news on Spiderman is Sam Raimi really directing it?

Bruce Campbell: The latest news is that I'm not aware of any of that...It could be Internet rumor 465. To my knowledge there's no truth to it.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): I'm sure you get this question a lot - Will There Be an Evil Dead 4?

Bruce Campbell: Gee, I've never heard that one before! What an excellent question. If you'd like, I can send you a PO Box and you can send money, when we've collected enough money to make the film, then we can do it. Currently it's not a hot topic among the studios. I think three is plenty, though Don't you?

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What can you tell us about the new Army Of Darkness Video Game?

Bruce Campbell: I can tell you that it's the next best thing to Evil Dead 4! It's done by a cool company and I will do the voice of Ash. It will have many familiar elements but will also have some freaky new worlds it will be the same, only different.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you plan on sticking with television in the long run?

Bruce Campbell: As an actor I go where the wind blows and that's where it's going right now. New Zealand is a great place to work away from the industry in an unconfined setting. Also, television can reach farther than any movie can.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you own a DVD player yourself?

Bruce Campbell: Yes I do. I think I have 2 DVDs but I couldn't even tell you what they are. I think my wife bought them,the funny thing is, when I get home from work at night, I don't need more fantasy. I need reality. I typically watch news or sports of some kind. But I do like the extra features that DVD offers - like better picture and sound it also gives me the ability to almost watch the movie with the fans and give them some insight into the process.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How do you feel about the almost cult like following for Army of Darkness?

Bruce Campbell: I enjoy the following very much from those films. I've gone to quite a few conventions over the years and I enjoy meeting the fans. They can be a rather shy bunch.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are you going to be doing any writing or directing on the new show?

Bruce Campbell: I was involved in choosing the writers, being a co executive producer for the show now that we have the main writers I like, that's most of the battle. I don't really have time for anything else.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How did it come about that Brisco County junior got cancelled?

Bruce Campbell: Take a wild guess...Mr. Ratings always has the last say. I always find it puzzling when people find a show is off the air. TV shows are always cancelled because of ratings and Brisco was no exception.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): if your in new Zealand for the show how about a BC cameo in lord of the rings?

Bruce Campbell: I should clarify that... you kind of have to be invited to be in a film, and as of yet I have not been invited.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Of your movies on DVD what do you think is the best so far?

Bruce Campbell: I would recommend Running Time and Army of Darkness.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Will you record a commentary for the evil dead 2 dvd?

Bruce Campbell: I hope they take the laser disk and use the commentary from that, I doubt we could get that group of people together again and it was a really fantastic commentary.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What type of music do you listen to? Any favorite bands or artists?

Bruce Campbell: I'm not a band guy, I'm a singer guy. I can enjoy any artist who can actually hold a note. That generally dates me saying that I like croners. I'll take Frank Sinatra over most others any day. I also like a wide range of music.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What films, actors or writers have influenced you throughout your career?

Bruce Campbell: I like guys like Bob Hope, Cary Grant. I like a lot of actors from movies a long time ago because I think they were more polished than they are today. Acting is about having fun, I like actors that have a natural style and character about them.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What is your favorite movie? Bruce Campbell: Bridge of the River Kawai. It has a great story that was told well.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How are your fans taking to your no autograph policy?

Bruce Campbell: I hope they will understand it It's not because of time, money or arrogance. I want to poke holes in the Hollywood a myth that it means something. I often get people sending me 3 x5 index cards for me to sign which means people are just collecting them. I will often do conventions so I can meet the people. I respect them and want to intermingle with them. I think that's the best format to do autographs. I don't like the impersonal side of celebrity. Overall I hope people will understand. People are putting people in the public eye on pedestals which just isn't right. I hope one day in the White House we get a former drug addict, a convicted felon, someone with unpaid parking tickets and that will debunk the myth that famous people exist on a higher plane.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are you related to Bill Campbell from Once and Again and Menno's Mind?

Bruce Campbell: I'm not related to Bill although I did work with him on Menno's Mind. I am glad his show is doing so well

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What is your typical work day like on the set of Jack of All Trades?

Bruce Campbell: Normally I get up at 5am, I get picked up at 6, go in for makeup, start work at 7am, work until 7pm, come home, work out for 45 min., run lines for an hour, sometimes go to the looping stage, watch dailies, and go to bed at 11pm, pretty exciting, huh?

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are you still having fun?

Bruce Campbell: Yes, in the middle of all the work and politics and rambling, yes when I remember to, I have a good time. It's one of the reasons I took Jack of All Trades. It's like a guarantee that I will have fun every day

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Will we ever see the Brisco County on DVD?

Bruce Campbell: I've been talking to a video company that's interested in getting the rights and I hope they do. If so I would do commentary for all of the 26 episodes

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Will there be celebrity guest stars on Jack Of All Trades?Bruce Campbell: We have one now. We have Vern Troyer - Mini Me - playing Napoleon. More interestingly are the historical characters we will be using. We've already had Napoleon, Blackbeard the pirate, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): If you could do it all over again, would you take the role of Ash for Evil Dead 1?

Bruce Campbell: Of course. I don't think people should be allowed to do things over again. You are free to make good decisions and bad every day. I also don't deny my genre roots. They were a great place to learn my craft

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Have you turned down parts you later wish you hadn't? Bruce Campbell: No never. I operate on a gut instinct and whether something I turn down is successful doesn't matter it has to be exciting for me granted, I've done a lot of stinkers but I think I am getting better at picking material

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Which kind of movie do you prefer to make? Horror (Evil Dead)?, Comedy(McHales Navy)?, or drama (Running Time)?

Bruce Campbell: All of the above. In the great entertainment factory job rotation is important, you have to do a little of everything so you don't get bored. Next Monday morning everyone should switch jobs with their partner at work and watch the fun :)

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What sticks out in your mind as the most memorable moment in your film career?

Bruce Campbell: One that happened recently the original evil dead got to #3 on the video chart, it was higher on the list than Titanic. It was a big thrill to see a movie that was made for $ 350K sinks a movie made for $250 million.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Will or when can we see your documentary?

Bruce Campbell: It's called Fanalysis. it's a lighthearted look at you kooky fans. I'm hoping to put it out later this year and possibly package it with my book stay tuned to www.bruce-campbell.com for updates.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): If you were not an actor where do you think that you would be or what do you think that you would be doing ?

Bruce Campbell: I would hopefully be working for the bureau of land management which oversees the hundreds of acres of land that aren't national parks or wilderness areas that the public has access to that they don't even know. I would encourage people to go explore and leave the SUVs behind.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): How did your scene in Fargo originate?

Bruce Campbell: For those of you who may not know I am in Fargo. I can be seen on TV in a very bad soap opera that the head criminal is watching. That happened because I tried to get in the movie Fargo but there were no roles. It turned out I could give them this footage to use as a joke, and they used it.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Did you produce the footage?

Bruce Campbell: No, it's from an old soap opera from the 80s in Detroit that I did. Now I can say I've been in an academy award winning movie.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Are you happy with Army Of Darkness: Limited Edition? Was there anything else you wanted on it?

Bruce Campbell: I am happy with the Limited Edition because it is the real edition. It's the version we wanted to make before the studios "fixed" it.Sam Rami and I were very involved in it. Some of the footage that we put into that edition actually came from my closet.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Have you seen or approved the Ash action figure in McFarlane Toys 'Movie Maniacs' line?

Bruce Campbell: I have not seen it nor heard anything about it, But I look forward to adding it to my autolycus collection so they can fight it out on my shelf.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Did you like the "happy" ending of Army of Darkness or the original ending?

Bruce Campbell: The original always, the filmmakers version right or wrong is always the best way to go.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Will we ever get to see Into The Woods the mini movie of Evil Dead?

Bruce Campbell: You will most likely never see it because it was not meant to be seen by the public. It was just an experiment to raise money for Evil Dead 2

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Do you have a favorite director you like to work with?

Bruce Campbell: Sam Rami is one my favorites, he works harder than most. I get along with any director who is more prepared than I am the problems come in when they haven't done their homework.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What were you doing in the scene that was cut from The Quick and the Dead?

Bruce Campbell: In the Quick and the Dead the scene Sam had me shoot had me making a pass at the bartender's daughter. Sam shot the scene to quiet one of the actors because he felt his character did nothing to prevent his daughter from being forced into prostitution I only came on the set and did this scene to keep the peace. He never had any intention of using in the finished film, though. That's what I get for visiting Sam on the set

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Is there a memorable moment that stands out of your mind when filming Hercules you'd like to share with us?

Bruce Campbell: Yes, The very last shot of the very last episode, there was a crane shot of the actors walking away across the sand dunes and we had to get it in one take because within minutes the sun would disappear behind the mountain the moment was just right, mother nature gave up a ripple across the sand. It's not something you can plan - it just happens.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Which convention do you plan to attend next?

Bruce Campbell: My schedule is still shaping up so I can't tell you right now, check the website for details.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What is your favorite character you have played?

Bruce Campbell: I enjoyed several - Ash, Brisco. I also enjoyed Autolycus, and the new one Jack

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Will we ever see more of Brisco?

Bruce Campbell: I doubt it because old TV shows age like fish Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Is there an e-mail address on your site to reach you. How often, if at all, do you check that address?

Bruce Campbell: The best one is [email protected] and I check it about every other day. Please be patient though, I have quite a backlog but I answer them all.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What was it like working on the X-Files?

Bruce Campbell: X files was cool but I was stepping into a well oiled machine, it's not an ad libbing type show, you are part of their world. I get along really well with David Duchovny who has a very dry sense of humor. Overall it was a good experience

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Have you ever done voice acting for animation? Bruce Campbell: No, but I've done 4-5 video and computer games. There's a cool one coming out in spring called tachyon-fringe. I plan a whip smart hans solo type adventure guy.

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): What do you think of the evil dead videogame -- have you seen it?

Bruce Campbell: It's not done yet. I'll be doing the voice in the spring and it'll be out halloween 2000

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Who has been your favorite actor to work with?

Bruce Campbell: I enjoyed working with Jennifer Jason Leigh. She's the most professional, polished and prepared actor I've worked with. You'd be surprise how many actors show up on set not knowing their lines

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): In which movie did you act with her in?

Bruce Campbell: The Hudsucker Proxy

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): When you have free time, What do you enjoy doing most ?

Bruce Campbell: I enjoy hiking to spot where I can't hear a single sound. I think our world is too noisy

Geoffrey Kleinman (moderator): Thank you everyone for joining us tonight!

Bruce Campbell: Thanks for tuning in, folks! Your support is always appreciated. As always I'm sorry we couldn't get to each of you But maybe we can chat another time. Adios, amigos!


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