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Orgazmo: SE

Universal // Unrated // March 29, 2005
List Price: $19.98 [Buy now and save at Amazon]

Review by Daniel W. Kelly | posted March 24, 2005 | E-mail the Author
The Movie:
Wam! Bam! Squirt…Squirt…Splat! Orgazmo is here to save the day! He's finally cum to DVD, with loads of extras.

The Story:
Joe Young (Trey Parker) is a good Mormon from Utah, doing his missionary work in L.A. But he rings the wrong doorbell when he interrupts a photo shoot by porn star director Maxxx Orbison (Michael Dean Jacobs), who sends his henchmen out to take down the disrupting caller. But it turns out Joe Young is a hell of a fighter…and just in time, because Maxxx needs a man who can fight to play the role in his latest porn, Orgazmo. Maxxx convinces Joe that he can do the film and have a stunt erection take his place whenever there's sex involved. Offering a huge amount of money helps, too, because Joe needs money to give his fiancée the wedding she desires. He takes the job, and meets a wacky circle of people. There's Dave, the lighting guy (Matt Stone, Trey's partner-in-crime), who has a nasty mullet, and a penchant for starting every sentence off with the words, "I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothing…." There's Ben (Dian Bachar) who plays Choda Boy, Orgamzo's sidekick. Ben and Joe become fast friends, and Ben, an obsessed inventor, admits he has created a laser weapon that gives incredible sexual pleasure to anyone you shoot with it. This will come in handy later, when the pair discovers that G-Fresh (Masao 'Maki" San), the hip-hop Asian owner of a sushi bar, is being harassed by a group of mobsters who want his space to expand their club next door. On the set, Joe and Ben may be taking on fictional villains played by Clark (porn star Ron Jeremy) and Maxxx's nephew A-Cup (David Dunn), but soon, fiction becomes reality as Joe and Ben must become their onscreen personas in real life to take down the bad guys, while keeping Joe's stardom as a porn star a secret from his fiancée, who has come to town to visit him!

As they do best, the South Park creators have made a crude, tasteless, funny film like only they can. The film outraged many when it was released—unfortunately, there's not a lot of tolerance for dumb, adult humor in this world. And that's a shame, because it's always a laugh riot. Sure, lots of this is idiotic and senseless (but so was Austin Powers for a wider age group), but making light of dildos, obese porn actresses, and sperm is too much fun to pass up. The cast is perfectly willing to be over-the-top in their roles, and the real female porn stars pull off their straight roles perfectly, without cracking a smile. And Ron Jeremy, as usual, is a great sport and gives us some funny moments. David Dunn is hilarious as A-Cup, and it's great to see Trey and Matt in front of the camera. This is pure liberal Clinton era magic. They just don't make 'em this repulsive anymore. And the soundtrack is also a string of 90s anthems, including hip-hop, a kickin' techno Orgazmo theme song, and tracks like "Now You're A Man" that reflect the goth rock of the time, recalling sounds of Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. There are plenty of naked female porn stars for the guys, although, the most squeamish of heteros men may be a little uncomfortable with the numerous close-ups of hairy man butt and a pretty funny (and hot) scene of a butch male cop violating a cute male criminal—and then planting a kiss on his lips. Gotta love Trey and Matt for always tipping their hats to gay guys—and making straight guys squirm in their seats a little before getting back to the T&A. And speaking of---there's actually a lot more T&A in all the extras, I feel, so you may want to check those out.

With this release, you get the "theatrical release" and the "unrated version." Theatrical version clocks in at 1:32:24. The unrated version is barely 2 minutes longer at 1:34:50. Honestly, I could barely tell the difference between the two, but obviously, there's no sense watching the edited version….

Edited or unedited, while not as shocking to viewers as it may have been not even a decade ago, the film still holds up as a good movie to watch with a gang of friends when you're in a raunchy mood.

Oh, and did I mention…there's an ending that leaves room for a sequel? Although it seemed more like a joke than a threat at the time, it could have been leaving an open door for the possibility, but it never happened. This film managed to hit all the main points of satirizing porn, so anything more might have been too much anyway.


The is a pretty nice anamorphic 1:85:1 presentation. The colors are rich, the edges are sharp, the dark/light contrast is vibrant and alive with excellent depth, and the flesh tones (and there are many of them!) are right on. The print is also pretty clean. Good job on this one, even in progressive scan.

Sound is 2.0 with central rear speaker offering some fun surround effects. The bass is really heavy and kicking. Most sound is front/center heavy, but there are moments of sound spinning around the room. The surround quality is fine, it's the front/center dialogue that actually sounds a bit hollow.

Wow. Where to begin? Well, the two cuts of the film are on the A side of this 2-sided disc. Side A launches automatically into 4 previews, which can be skipped. There's a cool Orgazmo comic book opening to get to the menu. The dildo on Choda Boy's head points you to the 12 chapter breaks. Language setup offers English captions, and Spanish and French subtitles. For some reason, the 3 separate commentaries are also turned on in this menu. They all are done only for the theatrical release of the film, and break down like this:

DRUNK—yeesh. This one features Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Dian Bachar, Jason McHugh, Stan Sawicki and Andy Kemler. They are playing that guzzling game during the commentary, taking a chug during certain dialogue whenever it's repeated, so they get progressively more sloshed as the commentary proceeds. Even so, Trey still manages to plow through with fun facts about the film.

CAST—this one's got Maki San, David Dunn, Robyn Rabb, Jason McHugh, and some others, including porn performers. Stick with the Drunk commentary. It's much more on target.

WILD—whose bright idea was this? South Park writers PLUS Weird Al Yankovic, Dave Foley, Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Kevin Smith and David Zucker (hope I didn't forget anyone…wish I'd forgotten them all). No one's funny, and if I was following the poor sound quality correct, Kevin Smith called in his commentary and didn't talk about the movie because he never saw it. Once again, go back to the Drunk commentary.

Let's move on to disc 2, shall we?:

TRAILERS—interesting. The "red band" trailer is the NC-17 preview, where the usual green "general audience" preview notice is now red. The "original 16MM trailer" is a "dummy" trailer the guys made to get funding for the movie, so NONE of these scenes are from the movie. In fact, it looks like the script may have been different back then. Worth a look, especially if you like female porn butt shots, because there's a good handful of them.

STILLS GALLERY—loads of pix, many shots not from the final cut of the film. There's also plenty of T&A shots—both women AND men.

BEHIND THE SCENES—more female and male T&A, plus shots of someone filming the film being filmed, the cast goofing off between scenes, and just idle chatter. Many of the off screen crew members have had their faces blurred out! 17-minutes.

THE BOOK OF ORGASMO—I'd consider this the only worthy extra. This 38-minute documentary features cast and creators talking about the making of the film. Far better than the "behind the scenes" segment. Informative AND funny.

DRAGON CON INTERVIEW—Why??? This is a 33-minute interview from some forum, with Trey, in which the crew was having sound problems, and you don't hear anything he's saying basically. It's admittedly thrown on here for the hell of it, as an opening note says.

OUTTAKES—yikes. 40 minutes of them. Some are funny, many are very repetitive.

EPK INTERVIEWS—more serious, 7 minute interview with the creators.

Final Thoughts:
ORGAZMO makes its special edition release a pretty good one in terms of video, ok in terms of audio, and excessive in terms of extras. The movie can stand on its own for any fan of trashy sex humor, and particularly those who are fans of the South Park creators. And as an added bonus, you get the 2 minute longer unrated version. Now that's something to spill your milk over….

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