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Misty Mundae Euro Vixen 3pk

POPcinema // Unrated // October 11, 2005
List Price: $29.99 [Buy now and save at Amazon]

Review by Ian Jane | posted November 14, 2005 | E-mail the Author
The Movies:

The Euro-Vixen Collection? What's that? Well, it's four of Misty Mundae's movies making their way to DVD with additional steamy footage that was originally broadcast either on cable or in European markets and until now has not been seen on home video in North America. Here's the breakdown…

Vampire Vixens:

In this 2003 sequel to the earlier Vampire's Seduction, and it follows a hillbilly named Eugene (Zachary Snygg) who accidentally resurrects a female vampire named Dracool (Katie Jordon) from the grave. Dracool commands Eugene to do her bidding and she sends him off to get a handle on what's happening with the local lipstick lesbians in town.

During his spying escapades, Eugene gets to witness a lot of softcore shenanigans but what he doesn't realize is that Wally Van Helsing (John Fedele) is on the hunt to lay Dracool back down for the big sleep... sort of. Unfortunately for the world, when we meet Wally he is actually the CEO of Big Business, Inc. and spends his time in the board room at his office. His world gets turned around when by circumstances that are never fully explained he's turned into the mental equivalent of a pre-teen boy, just in time for AJ Khan to show up for work in a very fancy and very revealing outfit.

Vampire Vixens is really, really, really poorly put together. The plot jumps around, storylines are brought up but never really resolved, and characters appear and then disappear for no real reason whatsoever. With that in mind, this is a softcore sex film, and we're not watching it to really get involved in the plot or the characterizations, we're watching it for the naked ladies and on that level it does deliver.

Highlights of the film include Misty laying in bed, talking on the phone, and masturbating. She also makes out with another girl on the couch while Eugene watches, in what is probably the steamiest scene in the film and the closest that this film comes to full on XXX material. Misty masturbates again in bed, a little more aggressively this time, and also takes on another gal all clad in black lingerie, again with Eugene peeking through the window at them. There's also a great lesbo three way that concludes the film.

So, in short, to sum up Vampire Vixens in a nutshell, the sex is plentiful and pretty hot for softcore. The humor is bad. The story sucks. Worth noting is that this is the UK version which supposedly contains more Misty footage than the previously released domestic version.

Mummy Raider

This one starts off, thankfully, with Misty pleasuring herself in bed after some narration that gives us a brief rundown of who she is and what happened to her to 'change her life.' Once she's done diddling she hops in the shower and plays with her boobs for a bit. Once that's out of the way with it's time to go visit mom and dad, so that's exactly what she does. When she arrives she finds a note from her mom that specifically states not to go into her father's office. Of course, she waste no time doing just that and when she gets there she finds a mummy sporting some wood.

Now, you'd think that the site of an erect mummy would be a little off putting to most girls, but not our Misty. She sees this as a great opportunity for a little carnal satisfaction and before you know it, she's dry humping that mummy like you wouldn't believe. While Misty humps the mummy, a strange woman in a purple outfit stands in the corner and fingers herself through her clothes. When Misty comes, the mummy is resurrected and now the mummy wants more. If that weren't enough, there's a crazy lady running around trying to bring back the glory of the Nazi party. Misty's going to have her hands full trying to set things right again…

Horrible, horrible plot and horrible, horrible humor, this is by far the weakest of the four movies in the set. There's very little sex until the fifty-minute mark, at which point Misty and Dariane Caine have a decent girl/girl scene. Sadly, while it is a solid scene, it's too little too late and even if you're watching this one for the naked ladies, this one doesn't deliver enough of them to really make it worthwhile.

Satan's School For Lust:

This one branches out from the norm a little bit for a softcore Seduction Cinema film, and in fact, it was first released under their Shock-O-Rama line, as it definitely emphasizes the horror aspects more so than the sex.

Misty plays a girl named Primula Cooper who lives with her father. When he's required to travel for a while to take care of some business, Primula is sent off to a boarding school run by Ms. Beezle (Barbara Joyce). Primula shows up at the subtly named El Diablo School For Girls, she meets up with her soon to be roommate, played by Ruby LaRocca, who wastes no time showing Primula just exactly how things go at this institute of higher learning.

This one wastes no time getting to the good stuff. Misty masturbates in her bed a few minutes into the movie to start things off right, which quickly leads into Dariane Caine's scene with a guy in her dorm room. Misty and Ruby have a scene together next, the best one in the film, where Misty, clad in a schoolgirl's outfit, is taken advantage of by her new friend. There are a couple more girl on girl scenes in here, on of which involves a riding crop and some light bondage, one with Misty and Dariane in the gym, the requisite 'Misty does herself in the shower scene' and a fun gothed out lesbian three way in which the riding crop appears again.

This one is pretty much wall to wall sex with the story kind of thrown in to string it all together but in that aspect it's pretty well done. There is some atmosphere, some cool lighting, and even a couple of mildly creepy moments in the movie that make it worth a look and rise it above the shot on video softcore heap a notch or two. Performance wise, Joyce is good as the headmistress and Misty brings her doe-eyed qualities to the forefront in this one very nicely.

This cut of the film is the slightly raunchier "Euro-Version" one that was only released to cable stations in the US and the UK.


This digital video production is really a remake of Nick Phillips excellent 1970 Uschi Digart vehicle in name only, though it does play around with essentially the same basic concept as the 1970 film.

Seduction Cinema favorite Misty Mundae plays the lead this time, and while she certainly looks the tragic character, the remake just doesn't have the same sense of foreboding dread that oozes out of the first in spades.

In this version, Roxanna becomes involved in a threesome suggested by her boyfriend. A coked-up Roxanna hops into bed with a girl he brings home, while he watches. What he doesn't realize though is that she enjoys herself so much that he'll never be able to satisfy her again. She treads down the path of self-destruction with reckless abandon, snorting and screwing anything she can get her hands on, driving both herself and her boyfriend mad, in her quest for the ultimate physical high.

While the plot differs in this version, so does the structure of the film. Here the characters have dialogue and interact with each other vocally throughout the movie. There are also different characters in the film, the boyfriend in particular, and the drug angle is played up while the fetish angle is played down.

Ultimately, while it's an interesting and different take on the theme, it just doesn't have the same dirty appeal of its predecessor and doesn't do anything to really set itself above an average shot on video softcore film. Again, this is the European cut of the movie and as such it is noticeably steamier than the DVD that was released awhile back, and it's also got some additional scenes in it that weren't in that cut.

The DVDs


The films are all presented 1.33.1 fullframe which is how they were shot. These were all done on video and like most Seduction Cinema titles there is some pixelation and some color fading in a few spots. The lighting could have been a bit better for all of the movies in the set but overall this is a pretty solid effort in the video department despite the flaws as everything is definitely watchable, even if it isn't great. Black levels stay strong and flesh tones, as important as they are in movies such as this, come through looking life like and natural – as it should be. There's some mild line shimmering in a few spots but no problems with mpeg compression artifacts and there's a reasonably good level of both foreground and background detail present in the image when you take into account their low budget origins and the shooting conditions under which most of this material was made.


This DVDs all have no frills Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo mixes in English, no closed captioning or subtitle options have been made available. The dialogue, which is minimal, is clean and clear and free of any hiss or distortion. There are no audible defects in the mix though there are one or two spots where the levels are off just a little bit where the dialogue gets a tiny bit buried. Nothing too serious though, overall the set sounds find to my ears.


The extras in this set are spread out across all three discs in the package.

Disc One:

Vampire Vixens: Behind The Scenes is a montage of clips taken on set while the movie was being shot. Most of it is of the candid sort, though at almost eighteen minutes in length you do find some nice footage in here of the girls warming up for their scenes, goofing off on set, and getting into costume.

Mummy Raider: Behind The Scenes is a thirty four minute look at the making of the film that more or less follows the same format as he other making of feature on this DVD. A lot of the footage in here is sex scene outtakes and what not, which is a nice bonus, but there are couple of brief interviews with the actresses in here as well, and some general behind the scenes on set footage.

Disc Two:

Included here are two deleted the scenes, the first of which is a five minute and twenty two second love scene with Chelsea Mundae and one of the male leads that ends horribly wrong. The second scene is a fifty-four second dream sequence in which Misty sees herself getting molested by a woman with a cross.

This disc also includes a selection of trailers in a section called The Essential Misty Mundae, which contains promo spots for The Seduction Of Misty Mundae, The Erotic Diary Of Misty Mundae, Lust For Dracula, Roxanne, Erotic Vampire In Paris, Chantal and Sinful.

Disc Three:

The main extra feature on this release comes in the form of a commentary track with Michael Raso in which he explains the origins of the movies in this set, where the ideas for the alternate versions came from, and what it was like working with some of the girls on in these pictures. He also explains the differences between the versions of the films in this set and their previously released counterparts, and he explains why they exist.

Also on this disc are five quick supplements. Up first is Factory 2000 – The Early Days which is a four minute interview with Chelsea and Misty Mundae put to some clips from their early work in which they explain some of that work. From Skin To Scream is a seventeen minute overview of Misty's career featuring clips from many of her Seduction Cinema titles, interviews with some of the people that she's worked with, thoughts from Mike Gingold of Fangoria, and interview clips with Misty herself. The UK Channel Four TV Interview is a three minute quick overview of her career done for British television that covers most of the same ground as the first two documentaries do, just with an English accent and some added interview clips. The Misty Mundae 2004 Interview is a fifteen minute look at Misty's work through her own words, with plenty more clips put against the footage of Misty sitting outside having a cigarette. This one is more interesting as it's the most recent of the pieces on this set, and it gives a different perspective on her work. Finally, Misty Bloopers is a two and a half minute collection of flubs from her work.

Also included in this set is a liner note insert featuring an essay by Carl Ford that details the international appeal of Misty Mundae, complete with some photographs and still images from the movies featured in this collection.

Final Thoughts:

While none of these are classics, fans of softcore erotic could certainly do a lot worse. Misty definitely nails that classic, innocent, girl next door look that's so popular with her many fans and while Mummy Raider quite frankly, sucked, the other three films in the set do deliver the sexy goods. You know what you're getting into if you're at all interested in this set, and if the Seduction Cinema stuff is your bag, this set comes recommended.

Ian lives in NYC with his wife where he writes for DVD Talk, runs Rock! Shock! Pop!. He likes NYC a lot, even if it is expensive and loud.

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