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WWE Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection

World Wrestling Entertainment // PG // April 1, 2014
List Price: $19.95 [Buy now and save at Amazon]

Review by Kyle Mills | posted June 27, 2014 | E-mail the Author
Ultimate Warrior is a name that is synonymous with controversy in the archives of WWE. Nearly a decade ago, WWE decided to release a DVD about the Ultimate Warrior, whom was still on bad terms with the company and actually had no involvement in the project whatsoever. Fans were overjoyed at the prospect of getting to revisit the Warrior's career. Instead what we got was a smear job called "The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior", a two hour interview that is completely one sided and filled with either disrespect or mocking his career. It's been nearly nine years since that DVD hit shelves, and now a new Warrior collection, appropriately titled "The Ultimate Collection" is available. Does WWE give the long awaited justice to the Warrior's legendary career?

DISC 1 - Warriors Back! - A two minute introduction from the Warrior basically saying this box set proves the naysayers wrong that he was never good enough.

- Finding Wrestling - A 5 minute clip of Warrior discussing life as a chiropractor before he broke into the business.

- The Blade Runners vs. Perry Jackson & Shawn O'Reilly. UWF - April 11, 1986.

- Move to WCCW - A 2 minute clip focusing on his tag team with Sting, and how the name Dingo Warrior came to be.

- Dingo Warrior vs. Chris Adams. WCCW, August 8, 1986

- Arrival in WWE (technically WWF) - A short minute and half clip of Warrior discussing his split from Steve and how he was called up by WWF.

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Barry Horowitz. Wrestling Challenge - November 7, 1987 - Ultimate Warrior vs. Steve Lombardi. Superstars - November 14, 1987 - Getting Noticed - Warrior in a 3 minute clip discussing his growing popularity, and a injury he sustained in a match with Harley Race.

- Ultimate Warrior vs. "King" Harley Race. Boston, MA - March 5, 1988

- Upgrading Warrior - A 2 minute clip discussing how he stayed fit, becoming more of the character of the Warrior and what he added to it.

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Los Angeles, CA - July 15, 1988

- Intercontinental Champion - a one minute clip of Warrior discussing winning the I.C. title in the infamous title match at Summerslam.

- Ultimate Warrior vs. The Honky Tonk Man - Intercontinental Championship Match. SummerSlam - August 29, 1988

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Honky Tonk Man - Intercontinental Championship Match. Philadelphia, PA - December 17, 1988

- The Macho Man - A two minute clip of Warrior talking about how Randy and himself took the same approach to their characters.

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Macho Man Randy Savage. Boston, MA - February 11, 1989.

- Simply Ravishing - A two minute clip of Warrior discussing WrestleMania.

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude. Intercontinental Championship Match at SummerSlam, August 28, 1989

- Building Momentum - A two minute clip of Warrior talking about how much he respects the "jobbers", the fans, and his growing popularity.

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Bob Bradley - Prime Time Wrestling - September 18, 1989

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Brian Costello - Prime Time Wrestling - December 25, 1989

- Ultimate Warrior confronts Andre on the Brother Love Show - Superstars, July 29, 1989

- Memories of Andre - A two minute clip discussing Andre's popularity, wrestling skills, how kind he was, and their matches together.

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Andre the Giant. Intercontinental Championship Match Madison Square Garden, October 28, 1989

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Andre the Giant. Intercontinental Championship Match at Saturday Night's Main Event, November 25, 1989

- DISC 2 - Leading to Toronto - A two minute clip discussing the origins of the famed Hogan and Warrior match.

"Crash the Plane" promo. Superstars - March 10, 1990

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Mr. Perfect - Intercontinental Championship Match. Madison Square Garden - March 19, 1990

- Running to the Ring - A two minute clip of Warrior discussing why he ran to the ring at WrestleMania instead of riding the chariot down.

"The Ultimate Challenge" Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior - WWE Championship vs. Intercontinental Championship Match - WrestleMania VI, April 1, 1990 - Responsibilities of the Champion - A two and a half minute interview discussing the aftermath of "The Ultimate Challenge."

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Million $ Man Ted DiBiase - WWF Championship Match. Wrestling Summit, April 13, 1990

- Ultimate Warrior vs. "Ravishing" Rick Rude - WWF Championship match - Saturday Night's Main Event - July 28, 1990

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Million $ Man Ted DiBiase - WWE Championship Match - The Main Event, November 23, 1990

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Sgt. Slaughter - - WWE Championship Match - Huntsville, AL. January 7, 1991

- DISC 3 - New Direction - A one minute clip of Warrior discussing the changes in the business.

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Macho King Randy Savage - Steel Cage Match at Madison Square Garden, January 21, 1991

- Ultimate Warrior ends Brother Loves Career. Superstars - March 2, 1991

- No Limitations - Warrior discussing one of the fan favorite matches of his, the retirement match at WrestleMania 7, and talking about the great respect the two shared for one another.

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Macho King Randy Savage - Career Ending Match at WrestleMania Seven, March 24, 1991

- Into the Darkness - Warrior discussing Undertaker and their program together.

- Ultimate Warrior on Paul Bearers Funeral Parlor. Superstars - April 13, 1991

- Ultimate Warrior vs. The Undertaker - Toronto, ON - June 2, 1991.

- Returning - A three minute clip of Warrior telling what he did in his hiatus and his triumphant return to WrestleMania 8.

- Gene Okerlund Interviews Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage - Superstars - July 25, 1992

- Ultimate Maniacs - Warrior discussing returning to the ring.

- "Riding on the Edge of a Lightning Bolt" - Superstars - November 14, 1992

- Money Inc. vs. Ultimate Warrior & Macho Man Randy Savage - WWF Tag Team Championship Match. Saturday Night's Main Event - November 14, 1992

- Re-establish - Warrior discussing returning to the ring and his various other side projects like creating comic books.

- "Faster Than a Cheetah" - RAW - March 11, 1996.

- Ultimate Warrior vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley - WrestleMania XII - March 31, 1996

- Warrior Confronts Goldust. RAW - April 8, 1996

- Ultimate Warrior Returns! - Vince McMahon Interviews Jerry "The King" Lawler and Ultimate Warrior RAW - June 10, 1996 - Ultimate Warrior vs. Jerry the King Lawler King of the Ring - June 23, 1996 - Going to WCW - Warrior discussing having the urge of moving past WWF, and holding out for the right deal to come back to the business.

- Ultimate Warrior Interrupts Hollywood Hogan. Nitro, August 17 1998

- Repulsive - Warrior discussing his frustrations with WCW, and how he felt disgusted by the fact that he was only invited back to lose a match to Hogan.

- Ultimate Warrior Promo. Nitro, October 26, 1998

- The Right Story - Warrior discussing the Hall of Fame, and saying goodbye to the fans.

As you can see, WWE put quite a bit of effort into the box set. With 26 matches spanning across Warriors short 10+ year career, for any Warrior fan, this set should satisfy your every need. All of Warrior's classic bouts ranging from the fantastic five star encounter with Randy Savage in a retirement match. The 2 outstanding bouts from his feud with Rick Rude, whom was a severely underrated talent that always brought out the best in Warrior's limited in ring skills. You have one of the most historically significant matches of all time in the "Ultimate Challenge" (which is overrated IMO.) A few underrated bouts on this DVD set that are worth mentioning are Warrior's matches against Mr. Perfect and Ted Dibiase. The rest of the matches outside of the names I mentioned are either extremely short to work in Warrior's favor or it's him taking on jobbers to show the growing of his popularity.

Video and Audio: If you've seen one WWE DVD from the past year then you'll find this to be no different. The video quality for this transfer is the EXACT same. It's good, but nothing groundbreaking. There is quite a bit of grain in the matches, but since these are 15-25 years old, it is to be expected.

For audio, The 5.1 track was very clear. No noticeable distortions at all during the commentary or the fan chants.

Extras: - There are no extras at all on this box set unless you want to count the interviews portions of the set, which amass to something like 45 minutes.

Overall With this DVD set, the WWE finally gives the fans (and Warrior himself), the respect they deserve. With the recent untimely passing of The Ultimate Warrior, I was legitimately happy to sit here and revisit some of the best matches throughout his career. While most give Warrior flak for his in-ring skills, he did have the occasional 4+ star match, and this set features many of them. If you're a Warrior fan (or even just now discovering his career), this is the best showcase of his talents. Recommended.

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