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Exes: The Complete First and Second Seasons, The

Comedy Central // Unrated // November 4, 2014
List Price: $29.98 [Buy now and save at Amazon]

Review by Kyle Mills | posted January 4, 2015 | E-mail the Author
In this day and age, it's hard to come up with a new concept for a sitcom show, about 99% of the time it's more of the same and once in a while breaks the mold. Does TV Land's original sitcom, The Exes, accomplish that? No, but it stands out in a sea of clichéd shows by it's witty humor and excellent cast.

The series opens up with us meeting Holly (Played by Kristen Johnston), a divorce attorney who is showing one of her more recent clients, Stuart (played by David Alan Basche), a needy do-gooder, to a shared apartment for him to start his life anew. Dumped by their wives, Holly took pity on these guys and sublets an extra apartment that she owns across the hall from her own. It's here that we meet the other bachelors, we have ladies man Phil (played by Donald Faison, Scrubs), who in every single episode can found playing a game of "Bang and Boot" with a different girl, and couch potato Haskell (Wayne Knight, Seinfeld), who... sits around waiting for the punch line of the scene to be delivered.

The first season introduces our characters and spends a lot of the episodes focusing on at least one character and their attempt to get back out there into the dating world and the others helping out, It's a pretty cut and dry first season. The only type of real story here is presented in the second season when they introduces an overarching story with Holly's secretary, Eden (played by Kelly Stables), and her controversial pregnancy (due to the actresses real life pregnancy), resulting with everyone re-evaluating their standing in life, especially Holly. Over the course of these first 22 episodes, the characters will grow as they deal with their newfound standing in life, trying their hand again at the dating world, and building new relationships.

Episodes: Season 1

1. Pilot - Divorce attorney Holly sets up her newly single client Stuart with some other divorced roommates, Phil and Haskell.

2. A Little Romance - Phil tries to set up Eden with a horse jockey in order to get him as a client, but the jockey insists on being set up with Holly instead. Haskell helps Stuart sell his collection of old clocks on the internet.

3. Working Girl - Holly sets Stuart up with a woman named Katy, who turns out be an escort. Meanwhile, Haskell tries to fool his ex into thinking that he is on a cruise vacation.

4. Lutz and the Real Girl - Haskell asks Phil to pretend to be him when his internet girlfriend Rebecca comes to town; Meanwhile, Holly finds herself attracted to a homeless man who hangs out in the buildings laundry room.

5. An Inconvenient Tooth - Phil is reluctant to have Stuart fix his tooth, due to his fear of dentists, when he finally relents, he ends up sleeping with Stuart's long-time dental assistant.

6. A Very Wrong Engagement - Holly's mother visits and Holly must tell her that she is no longer engaged; In an attempt to delay telling her mother the truth, Holly moves back into the apartment she shared with her ex, while the guys stay at her place.

7. Lost in Translation - Phil dates a Serbian lingerie model who can only speak her native language; Phil asks Stuart to be her translator, that is until she becomes attracted to Stuart as well; Holly keeps making a fool of herself in front of a guy she likes; Haskell buys a coffin for no reason.

8. My Dinner With Phil - Phil is ecstatic to learn that his ex-wife is getting married and that he will no longer need to pay alimony, but he is faced with a dilemma when he catches his ex's new fiancée cheating on her. Holly goes out with her co-worker, Paul.

9. When Holly Broke Kevin - Holly begins dating basketball player Kevin Tyler, one of Phil's clients. Things go well until their sexual encounters interfere with Kevin's performance on the court.

10. The Ex Always Rings Twice - Holly asks one of the guys to pretend to be a new boyfriend, in order to make her ex-fiancée Brad jealous.

Season 2:

1. Analyze Them - When the guys have differences that they can't seem to resolve, Holly suggests that they go to a therapist for "couples" therapy. Her plan backfires when the therapist suggests that she is the cause of their problems.

2. What Women Want - Holly walks in on Stuart in the bathroom and discovers that he is very well endowed, affecting the way she and the other guys see him.

3. Cool Hand Lutz - Holly and Haskell go on a practice date; Stuart tries really hard to fit in with Phil's friends.

4. Baby Mama - Phil's dog he lost in the divorce is coming to visit and Phil accidentally switches the dog with a lookalike, after having a one night stand with the owner; Holly suspects that Eden is having an affair with their married boss.

5. Lethal Weapons - Phil's tries to sign top mixed martial arts fighter Tommy Dunbar as a client; Stuart lands himself in the hospital; Eden buys Holly a new bra, in hopes it will attract a man.

6. Shall We Dance? - Holly offers to help Stuart impress his ex-wife, Lorna, at a ballroom dance contest; Phil meets his female counterpart in the hookup game, Kendra, and falls for her.

7. Three Men and a Maybe - Holly wants a baby, so Phil, Stuart, Haskell and Eden help in her search for a sperm donor.

8. How Holly Got Her Groove Back - Holly's continuing crush on her co-worker, Paul, makes her determined to find out how he feels about her; Meanwhile, Stuart hires a maid to help around the house and Haskell falls for her.

9. The Party - Holly introduces her new boyfriend, Paul, to Stuart, Phil and Haskell; Stuart finds out a surprising secret about Holly's new beau.

10. Sister Act - Holly's sister and mother comes for a visit

11. He's Gotta Have It - While hiding his client, tennis star Chuck Feeney (special guest star Zach Braff), from the paparazzi, Phil learns that this legendary ladies' man is much more interested in Stuart; Holly and Haskell are at odds over who can take better care of a nine-months pregnant Eden.

12. Pirates of the Care of Eden - Holly, Stuart and Haskell take Eden to a party on a yacht owned by Phil's boss in anticipation for her baby's arrival.

- Positives:

+ Great central performances from the cast.

+ An all around fun show.

+ Fun guest stars, including Faison's former Scrub's co-star, Zach Braff, Ken Marino, Amanda Detmer, and Diedrich Bader.

- Negatives:

- Not much in terms of depth.

Video and Audio:
The episodes have been framed in their widescreen television aspect ratio of 1.78:1 and are enhanced for widescreen televisions. For DVDs, the quality is quite good with very pleasingly rich, gorgeous colors. Even with the anamorphic enhancement, there are occasional problems with aliasing as there is some noticeable fuzz.

The only audio format presented on this box set is a Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo sound mix, which works quite well. There were no signs of audio dropouts or distortions. It's overall a very solid sound mix.

Extras: - Feelings on the new season (1:32) - The primary cast discuss what it feels like to get a second season.

- On their Hiatus (1:01) - The cast discuss what they did in between filming.

- Celebrity Roommate wish-list (0:44) - The cast discuss who they'd love to see on screen together.

- What makes something funny (0:50) - The cast discuss what kind of humor appeals to them.

- Mark Reisman pranked by Donald Faison (0:45) - Exactly what it sounds like. Faison pranks him during an on camera interview.

- Kristen Johnston and Andy Cadiff (1:04) - The 2 discuss their on set chemistry.

- Wayne Knight on Jurassic Park (1:50) - Wayne discusses the hell he went through filming his famous scene from Jurassic Park.

To round out the special features we have 5 short Q&A's where the actors are asked what their favorite and least favorite words and sounds are, what turns them on (which they mostly avoid) and off, their favorite curse words, and what they want god to say to them when they arrive at the gates...

- David Alan Basche (1:24)

- Kelly Stables (1:17)

- Wayne Knight (1:32)

- Kristen Johnston (1:24)

- Donald Faison (1:37)

Overall: The Exes delivers more of the same when it comes to standard sitcom, while the standard clichés are apparent, the stellar cast, chemistry between the actors and writing help it stand out from the rest of the pack and is worth your time. Recommended

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