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Teen Titans Go! Season 1

Warner Bros. // Unrated // April 21, 2015
List Price: $29.99 [Buy now and save at Amazon]

Review by Neil Lumbard | posted May 7, 2015 | E-mail the Author
Teen Titans Go S1 Blu-ray Review

Teen Titans Go! is a comedic and fun series that surrounds the Teen Titans characters Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy. This isn't a series like the former Teen Titans, though. This time around it's all about the comedic hijinks and about delivering the laughs.The premise of the series is to follow what the Teen Titans do when they aren't busy trying to save the world... so instead of them going to rescue someone or fighting baddies this series is pretty much about the characters hanging out and the comedy that ensues. It delivers a lot of laughs but it doesn't exactly work to unfold any serious plot-lines or stories.

To get an idea of what some of the stories are like: In one episode, Robin must decide between the possibility of helping to establish a new senior center or planning a beach party. In another episode, the Titans visits a pie factory where the mystery meat is not what anyone expected. In another episode, the Titans gets sick of Beast Boy playing pranks until they find themselves dying off while trying to rescue him (but was it all just a prank)? These are the kinds of odd storyline plots for what essentially amounts to 11 minutes of jokes within every short episode. The humor and the characters are where this show excels and essentially the main reason it is such a blast.

Teen Titans Go! premiered to a lot of mixed enthusiasm from fans. This is, of course, something that will not be surprising to longtime fans of the five season running Teen Titans DC animated universe series. After all... who wanted to see a comedy version with the same characters? (I'd argue almost no one was asking for something like that... but who knows, I haven't done any polling on the topic).  

It's too bad the reaction was mixed from viewers but I also understand where the fandom was coming from in approaching the topic. Upon initially hearing about the project, I thought Teen Titans Go! sounded like something that I would not enjoy at all. It sounded like a bad network joke made by Cartoon Network that wasn't done as something for fans of the past Teen Titans series. I wanted to dismiss this series largely because of how much I love Teen Titans.  Then I caught a few minutes of it on TV and that didn't help matters either. I immediately wanted to write-it off again. Initially, the entire idea of having something that was strictly comedic with these characters made me feel baffled.

I was wrong. I actually love this series now and I hope that more fans embrace it than dismiss it. It's an excellent animated series and it's one that those entirely new to the Teen Titans franchise should find much easier to embrace. As long as its quirky, offbeat humor is something that one can find humorous (and it surely is) then this is certainly a show that will bring in many new fans. Pretty much anyone who enjoys animated comedies could find something enjoyable about it: Teen Titans Go! has got laughs, action, heart, and is a bizarre and over-the-top creation.

There are a few solid reasons why fans of the original Teen Titans might still enjoy this series. Firstly, the entire original voce cast has returned to voice their respective characters. These amazing voice actors continue to do a great job with the characters and personalities and enjoyment is felt in spending time with these characters again. Secondly, it retains (somewhat) the iconic theme song by Puffy Ami Yumi with a new remix of the theme.  

Surprisingly, the third example I would give is how the series pays homage and gives references to previous Teen Titans characters (such as Raven's demonic dad, who pays a visit in one odd episode). There are numerous moments throughout the episodes where a reference is made to episodes or characters that only those familiar with past Teen Titans episodes will pick up on. This is a nice thing to do for fans, who are the ones who will notice and appreciate these things.

Perhaps most importantly, I think older Teen Titans fans might enjoy this series as it is a quality creation. I have no doubt there are many other fans like myself who wanted to dismiss or have already dismissed the series based on their love of the earlier Teen Titans. One has to accept Teen Titans Go! for what it is: an entirely new, different, and altogether unique series that involves the same characters you already knew and loved but in a different way.

The personalities of the characters are the same as the previous series. This time it's just much goofier and sillier. We aren't meant to deal with the darkness or the serious undertones as this series isn't about doing those things. Teen Titans Go! is meant to make us laugh, smile, and simply enjoy ourselves while watching this series. The entire effort seems to be just for the (highly appreciable) sake of bringing happiness to the audience.  

Sometimes it is nice to have a quality program that one can simply sit back and enjoy without having to consider the program's storylines, plot, and characters as much. This is that type of show. If you enjoy good humor and the characters the rest of the series simply relies on how effective each individual episode is along the way. Many episodes are gut-bustlingly hilarious, laugh out loud funny, and are purely magical. While some shorts aren't quite as hilarious I found each episode to still be funny, charming, and heartfelt nonetheless.  The characters are lovable. The series is charming and delightful. These elements help add up to why this is such an enjoyable show and why I hope to see it continue.

This is truly a sketch-comedy with each episode intending to paint it's story primarily for laughs and for fun. Yet that's part of the reason behind why it works. It's a speedy fast program that delivers fun in spades while never wearing off its welcome.  Just sit back and enjoy this funny, delightful, and lovable series. Teen Titans Go! is worth checking out for any animation fan (and will especially appeal to fans of the DCAU).

The Blu-ray:


Teen Titans Go! finally makes it Blu-ray debut and the wait was worth it. Fans will not be dissapointed. The quality of the presentation is amazing. This natively-produced in 1080p animated series looks remarkably crisp, clear, and detailed. Colors are vibrant and almost manage to "pop" off the screen with vibrancy. The image looks near-perfect and fans will certainly want to see the series with this impressive presentation in the 1.78:1 widescreen television broadcast ratio.

This is an amazing presentation which will make fans wonder exactly why it wasn't already released on Blu-ray. The quality of the 1080p MPEG-4 AVC encoded video is terrific!


The 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio might lack the sonic dimensionality of a fully surround sound presentation, but the stereo dynamics are superb and the detail and clarity in the audio impresses. Dialogue is always crisp and easy to understand while the sonic sound effects are terrific and are perfectly suited to the action-comedy.


As with prior DVD editions, there are no bonus features on this release.

Final Thoughts:

Teen Titans Go! is exciting, fun, and a comedic goldmine that reunites the original Teen Titans voice cast for what is an animated sketch-comedy with the same characters from the earlier series creation. The leap to Blu-ray is huge and fans will love the upgraded presentation quality.

This series is zany, funny, and has a lot of offbeat humor. If you can be open to seeing the same characters from Teen Titans in a humorous and reference-laden way that isn't quite canon then the show is a blast to behold. Just consider this series it's "own thing" and enjoy the goodness that awaits you.  

Highly Recommended.

Neil Lumbard is a lifelong fan of cinema. He aspires to make movies and has written two screenplays on spec. He loves writing, and currently does in Texas.

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Highly Recommended

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