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Saturday February 13, 2016

Why is this picture here? CLICK on it.

Savant's new reviews today are:

The Big Sleep
The Warner Archive Collection

  We've waited long enough: Bogart's take on Raymond Chandler's tough guy Philip Marlowe is finally on Blu-ray, with Lauren Bacall hyped as his provocative leading lady. As an extra, the 1945 pre-release version is present, with an uncut copy of Bob Gitt's UCLA Film Archive versions comparison docu. Shawn Regan! Eddie Mars! Canino! Joe Brody! Carol Lundgren! They're all here, along with a powerfully remastered Max Steiner music score. On Blu-ray from The Warner Archive Collection.

The Emigrants / The New Land
The Criterion Collection

  Jan Troell knocks us for a loop with his masterful intimate epic of a Swedish farming family in the 1840s, that decides the only hope for a future is to come to the promised green acres in frontier Minnesota. Max Von Sydow and Liv Ullmann are heartbreakingly deserving and hopeful; the dreamers and the devout and the intolerant come too. Everything is told in simple terms: big scares, disappointments, joy and horror. From a famous Swedish novel, the two-film, six-hour saga is a faithful and politically neutral account of what it must have been like for these hardy immigrants. On Blu-ray from The Criterion Collection.


The Happy Ending
Twilight Time

  Richard Brooks fashioned this prescient, intense drama for his talented wife Jean Simmons. The original frustrated, abandoned Mad Housewife runs away from a 'dream marriage' in search of something more fulfilling. Most of the excellent cast is used very well: John Forsythe, Shirley Jones, Teresa Wright, Dick Shawn, Nanette Fabray, Tina Louise, Lloyd Bridges, Bobby Darin. It's pretty uncompromising and adult. Plus, the soundtrack uses Michel Legrand's incomparable song "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?"  On Blu-ray from Twilight Time.


A brisk week, with holidays both national and personal. It's good to be back writing!

Gary Teetzel sends in this self-explanatory link, on Vimeo, where our favorite giant monkey shills for a phone company.

Some alarming news, considering that I'm a budding fan of home video 3-D. Maybe everybody that buys into the format, buys what these people are calling a 'high end TV.' I hope so. I only hope that disc companies don't discontinue their production... I was hoping it would expand. Whatever happens, I don't appreciate writer Alistair Charlton's alarmist choice of title -- I've been reading similiar scare stuff about Blu-ray and DVD for ten years now. The article: 3D television is dead: Samsung and LG cut back on 3-D TV production. I just got back from helping a friend look for a 4K passive glasses 3-D TV... and found that only LG makes the passive ones. As the cheapest set is $2,100, I'm hoping that those aren't considered 'low end.' Also, the article is from England, and doesn't specifically say that the discontinuation is international. Just being optimistic, there.

The article made me mad enough to prompt an online order of the 3-D discs of The Wizard of Oz and John Carter. I looked at Oz a bit last night -- it's delightful and fun as ever, and the 3-D is pretty cute too.

Finally, over at Trailers from Hell, Joe Dante gives us the lowdown on the scarce Al Zugsmith picture College Confidential, a Mamie Van Doren special. I've never seen it, but it looks like one of Al's fun-sleazy inverted classics. Hear Joe use words like 'smarmy,' and 'smut'! ...so this must be a sure-fire Valentine's Day movie.

Thanks for reading! --- Glenn Erickson

Wednesday February 10, 2016

Why is this picture here? CLICK on it.

Savant's new reviews today are:

KL Studio Classics
3-D Blu-ray +

  A fascinating classic-era Sci-fi gem is reborn, viewable again in beautiful 3-D after 62 years. Scientists are being murdered in a secret underground laboratory overseen by a super-computer and two robots, Gog and Magog. Can Richard Egan, Herbert Marshall and Constance Dowling find the killer before more eggheads cash in their slide rules? The story of the film's restoration adds to the interest. Director Herbert L. Strock, cameraman Lothrop B. Worth, 3-D gurus Bob Furmanek and Greg Kintz and commentator Tom Weaver figure in the extras. The year is young, but this is an early favorite. On 3-D Blu-ray from KL Studio Classics.


Woman in the Moon
Kino Classics

  Die frau im mond.  Fritz Lang tries a pure sci-fi story -- but despite the rigorous realism and excellent science in the design of his moon rocket, Thea von Harbou's sentimental story is slow going. It may be for fantasy fans only -- and those impressed by a NASA-like moon rocket forty years before the reality -- but it's also quite a beautiful picture. The action on the moon is pure green-cheese fantasy, with breathable air, deposits of gold and evidence of a human civilization. Gerda Maurus and Willy Fritsch are more attractive versions of Lang and von Harbou, and Fritz Rasp is an industrial secret agent representing the corporate syndicate that seizes control of the rocket from our intrepid heroes. And don't forget the little stowaway kid, every space trip needs one. On Blu-ray from Kino Classics.


I'm late but with an excellent excuse -- we ran away from The Super Bowl, television, movies and everything else for a couple of days. No guilt, no remorse, just fun. I came back ready to write up the (fairly sensational) disc of GOG 3-D. It's a keeper from the early years of the sci-fi boom, when the genre couldn't decide if it was for children or adults, or whether it was to be educational or scary or if it needed a monster. The 3-D Film Archive has really outdone itself with this project, making it possible to view the feature in 3-D for the first time in half a century.

Boy, do I have some good discs to review: Criterion's I Knew Her Well, The Emigrants/The New Land, Inside Llewyn Davis and The Graduate; Flicker Alley's L'Inhumane; Shout Factory's Millennium and R.O.T.O.R. double bill; Universal's Spotlight; Gravitas Ventures' All Things Must Pass; Twilight Time's Bound for Glory and The Happy Ending; Kino's Spies, Donovan's Brain, After the Fox, The Black Sleep and The Vikings. And that's not counting Warner Bros. -- I have their WAC titles Roughshod, The Safecracker, The Strangler and Her Majesty, Love still in hand, plus the new Blu-ray restorations of Key Largo and The Big Sleep. So I'd better get down to the reviewing!

Thanks for reading --- Glenn Erickson

Deep Red
 Stabbings, scaldings, hideous lacerations from broken glass and even more brutal manglings for our sanguinary delectation! Dario Argento's beautifully photographed and smartly directed murder mystery gives us David Hemmings as a jazz man in Rome, studying not photographic blowups but the hidden artwork of a disturbed child. This multi-disc set may be the ultimate version of the '70s giallo classic. With Daria Nicolodi, Clara Calamai, music by Goblin and striking Techniscope imagery by Luigi Kuveiller. On Region A+B Blu-ray from Arrow Video UK.

Station West
  Army secret agent John Haven is out to catch some crooks, and he uses stealth, his wits and a limitless supply of marvelous hardboiled dialogue to do it. Dick Powell trades a trench coat for a cowboy hat, and luscious Jane Greer swaps a .38 snubnose for a dance hall dress -- one look at her dark, deep eyes, any you'll never fully accept the appeal of a modern actress-siren. A great cast, a witty script and Burl Ives' singing voice make this a delightfully different noir-inflected oater, apparently an attempt to transfer the sassy proto-hipster dialogue of Out of the Past to a different genre. Also with Agnes Moorehead, Raymond Burr and Steve Brodie. On DVD from The Warner Archive Collection.

Harlock: Space Pirate 3D
  Ray guns! Space armadas! Storm troopers! Toei's manga turned animé TV show and then TV miniseries became a pricey 3-D animated motion capture epic just three years ago, but was denied a release stateside. This collector's disc gives us two versions of this collection of rude 'n' raucous space battles, along with a pirate's bounty of original Japanese extras. The 'dark' story follows the dark matter-powered spaceship Arcadia on a mission to reverse the destruction of Earth by going back in time. With big bombs, something like that. Don't worry, the visuals are excellent. On 3-D and 2-D Blu-ray from Twilight Time.

Crimson Peak
  Here's where angels sit down to weep next to devils -- the often-brilliant Guillermo del Toro's big Gothic romance / gory ghost epic looks mighty fancy but is a mess on all other counts -- even the fine actors Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain and Tom Hiddleston have difficulties with it. And what's with that English mansion built on a lake of red goop?   I kept hoping that would amount to something. You're a great filmmaker Guillermo, say it ain't so. On Blu-ray and DVD from Universal/Legendary.

Bridge of Spies
  Steven Spielberg's entertaining true life account of a tense chapter in the Cold War sees Tom Hanks' brave attorney going way out on a limb to conduct a crucial negotiation in East Berlin. I try to express my reservations with Spielberg's approach - not a big gripe, but a nagging 'narrative undertow.' Hanks is great, and so is the production. On Blu-ray and DVD from Touchstone.

Death by Hanging
  You want radical? Look no further. Nagisa Oshima's near-legendary experimental drama is a wickedly frightening protest against the death penalty, but then it proceeds into formal abstraction and the endorsement of a violent political position. Formally, you can't find a radical 'gauntlet picture' as jarring or as potent as this one. With a rare Oshima short subject and a (really helpful) featurette with critic Tony Rayns. On Blu-ray from The Criterion Collection.

  This one's almost too good to be pigeonholed as a film noir: it's a mystery-thriller-romance pitched at a level that seems far too adult for its day. Rita Hayworth takes on her career-defining role as the notorious man-killer with two dangerous men on her string -- George Macready's sinister international crook and Glenn Ford's neurotic gambling cheat. The love between Gilda and the man of her dreams looks like hate, and their 'relationship issues' become a no holds barred war. This is one of the most sophisticated American movies of the '40s -- even the perverse subtext has perverse subtext. On Blu-ray from The Criterion Collection.

The Last Detail
  Hal Ashby and Robert Towne give Jack Nicholson one of his best films of the 1970s. Shore patrolmen Nicholson and Otis Young are given the task of delivering sad-sack Navy prisoner Randy Quaid to serve a long stretch in prison. On the way, they work out their sympathy for the poor kid by trying to show him a good time. It's a fine road picture with terrific, wholly believable characters and scenes, pitched at the human scale favored by '70s director-driven filmmaking. With fresh appearances by Clifton James, Michael Moriarty, Luana Anders, Carol Kane and even Gilda Radner. On Blu-ray from Twilight Time.

January 2016
 The Wrong Man  Blu-ray  Hawaii  Blu-ray  Beyond the Valley of the Dolls  Region B Blu-ray  The Southerner  Blu-ray  Curse of the Faceless Man  Blu-ray  I Confess  Blu-ray  The Undesirable  Blu-ray  Ex Machina  Blu-ray  Let There Be Light: John Huston's Wartime Documentaries  Blu-ray  Wind Across the Everglades  DVD  From the Terrace  Blu-ray  Figures in a Landscape  Blu-ray  Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things  Blu-ray  Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)  Blu-ray  The American Friend  Blu-ray  Bitter Rice  Blu-ray  Hitler's Children  DVD  Everest 3-D  3-D Blu-ray + Digital HD  The Look of Silence  Blu-ray  The Complete Lady Snowblood  Blu-ray  Four Men and a Prayer  DVD  The Captive City  Blu-ray  The Beginning or The End  DVD  Mysterious Island Encore Edition  Blu-ray  Nightmares  Blu-ray  Born Free  Blu-ray  Faust (1926)  Blu-ray  The Girl Most Likely  DVD
December 2015
 Sweet Adeline  DVD  The Detective  Blu-ray  Gunman's Walk  Blu-ray  Land Raiders  Blu-ray  A Man Called Sledge  Blu-ray  Ant-Man  3-D Blu-ray + Digital HD  Battles without Honor and Humanity  Blu-ray + DVD  The Knack... and how to get it  Blu-ray  Hitler's Madman  DVD  Barbary Coast  DVD   The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues  Blu-ray  Thundercrack!  Blu-ray  DVD Savant 2015 Favored Disc Roundup Glenn's best for 2015  Speedy  Blu-ray  Wake Up and Kill  Blu-ray + DVD  You Can't Take It With You  Blu-ray  Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special  Blu-ray  Downhill Racer  Blu-ray  Team America: World Police  Blu-ray  Five Came Back  DVD  Love at Large  Blu-ray  Flying Disc Man from Mars  Blu-ray  The Civil War  DVD  Ikiru  Blu-ray  Sense and Sensibility  Blu-ray
November 2015
 The Brain that Wouldn't Die  Blu-ray  Queen of Blood  Blu-ray  The Hurricane  Blu-ray  Forbidden Hollywood Volume 9 :
Big City Blues, Hell's Highway, The Cabin in the Cotton, When Ladies Meet, I Sell Anything  DVD  Dont Look Back  Blu-ray  Black Widow  Blu-ray  No Man's Woman  Blu-ray  In Cold Blood  Blu-ray  Terror at the Mall  DVD  Pitfall  Blu-ray  Come Fly With Me  DVD  Phase IV  Blu-ray  The Fireman's Ball  Region Free Blu-ray + PAL DVD  Mr Holmes  Blu-ray + Digital HD  Dr. Terror's House of Horrors  Blu-ray  Broken Lance  Blu-ray  Passage to Marseille  Blu-ray  Devil in a Blue Dress  Blu-ray  Croupier  Blu-ray  The Mask  3-D Blu-ray  Run of the Arrow  DVD  Living in Oblivion  Blu-ray + DVD  Mulholland Dr.  Blu-ray  Tenderness of the Wolves  UK Region B Blu-ray + DVD  A Special Day  Blu-ray  Rashomon  UK Region B Blu-ray  Deep in My Heart  Blu-ray  J t'aime, j t'aime  Blu-ray  Thieves' Highway  UK Region B Blu-ray + DVD  Scream and Scream Again  Blu-ray
October 2015
 W.C. Fields Comedy Essentials Collection:
Million Dollar Legs, If I Had a Million, International House, Tillie and Gus, Alice in Wonderland, Six of a Kind, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, You're Telling Me!, The Old Fashioned Way, It's a Gift, Mississippi, Man on the Flying Trapeze, Poppy, The Big Broadcast of 1938, You Can't Cheat an Honest Man, My Little Chickadee, The Bank Dick, Never Give a Sucker an Even Break  DVD  My Darling Clementine and  Frontier Marshal  UK Region B Blu-ray  The High Cost of Loving  DVD  Jurassic World  3-D Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD  The Brood  Blu-ray  Randall William Cook: As Never Seen Before, 'New' Vintage Stop-Motion on Blu-ray Guest Review /  Special Effects Collection: Son of Kong, Mighty Joe Young, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, Them!  Blu-ray  Kwaidan  Blu-ray  Me and Earl and the Dying Girl  Blu-ray  Spartacus  Blu-ray  The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance  Blu-ray  Mad Men: The Final Season Part 2  Blu-ray  DVD Savant's Guide to the New Wave of Classic Hammer Blu-ray  (by Phantom Guest Reviewer)  Five Films by Patricio Guzmán: The Battle of Chile, Chile Obstinate Memory, The Pinochet Case, Salvador Allende, Nostalgia for the Light, Filming Obstinately: Meeting Patricio Guzmán  DVD  Tomorrowland  Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD  The Sentinel  Blu-ray  A Room with a View  Blu-ray  San Andreas  3-D Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD  Horror Classics: Four Chilling Movies from Hammer Films: The Mummy (1959), Dracula Has Risen From the Grave, Frankenstein Must be Destroyed, Taste the Blood of Dracula  Blu-ray  The Invisible Monster  Blu-ray  Two O'Clock Courage  DVD  Diary of a Lost Girl  Blu-ray  Masterworks of American Avant-Garde Experimental Film 1920-1970  Blu-ray
September 2015
 The Honeymoon Killers  Blu-ray  Emperor of the North  Blu-ray  Arts in Exile: Nine East German Shorts on Artists Forced to Flee the Nazis.  DVD  That Phantom of the Opera  Blu-ray  The Oblong Box  Blu-ray  The Satan Bug  Blu-ray  Fat City  Blu-ray  Turkey Shoot  Blu-ray  Man With the Gun  Blu-ray  The Old Gun  DVD  Deutschland 83  DVD  Breaker Morant  Blu-ray  Eaten Alive  Blu-ray  The Reivers  Blu-ray  The Black Stallion  Blu-ray  The Little House  Blu-ray  The Bear  Blu-ray  Kings of the Sun  Blu-ray  The Wonderful Country  Blu-ray  Alraune  Region 2 DVD  I, Madman  Blu-ray  Daniel  Blu-ray  Innerspace  Blu-ray  The Robin Hood of El Dorado  DVD  Murder, My Sweet  Blu-ray
August 2015
 Mad Max: Fury Road  3-D Blu-ray  War-Gods of the Deep  Blu-ray  Videodrome  Blu-ray  Street Smart  Blu-ray  Quick! Before It Melts  DVD  That Guy Dick Miller  DVD  The Hunger  Blu-ray  Nightmare Castle + Castle of Blood, Terror Creatures from Beyond the Grave  Blu-ray  Burn, Witch, Burn  Blu-ray  House of Bamboo  Blu-ray  Citizenfour  Blu-ray  The Andromeda Strain  Blu-ray  Message from Hiroshima  DVD  Viva Villa!  DVD  For Whom the Bell Tolls (Wem Die Stunde Schlägt) Region B Blu-ray  Baby It's You  Blu-ray  Our Mother's House  DVD  Agnès Varda in California: Uncle Yanco, Black Panthers, Lions Love (...and Lies), Mur Murs, Documenteur  DVD  Thunder Road  Blu-ray  Black Sabbath U.S. version  Blu-ray
July 2015
 Fearless Frank (Frank's Greatest Adventure)  DVD  Pit Stop  Blu-ray  Places in the Heart  Blu-ray  The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension  Blu-ray  Night and the City  Blu-ray  Mississippi Mermaid  Blu-ray  Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau  Blu-ray  The World of Henry Orient  Blu-ray  The Clay Pigeon  DVD  The Best of Everything  Blu-ray  He Ran All the Way  Blu-ray  The Spider  Danish miniseries;  Region 2 DVD  Around the World with Orson Welles  Blu-rayDVD  The Monster that Challenged the World  Blu-ray  Come and Get It  DVD  Hiroshima mon amour  Blu-ray  Storm Fear  Blu-ray  Escape from East Berlin  DVD  It Follows  Blu-ray  Miracle Mile  Blu-ray  The Young Lions  Blu-ray
June 2015
 Kern & Hammerstein: Showboat  Blu-ray  Riffraff '47  DVD  The Killers '46 & The Killers '64  Blu-ray  Report to the Commissioner  Blu-ray  Absolute Beginners  Blu-ray  The Incredible Shrinking Man  Region B Blu-ray  3-D Rarities  3-D Blu-ray   The Golden Year: Five Classics from 1939: Dark Victory, Ninotchka, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Dodge City, Gone With the Wind  Blu-ray  The Thing with Two Heads  Blu-ray  The Night of the Generals  Blu-ray  Pandas: The Journey Home  3-D Blu-ray  Monte Walsh  Blu-ray  The Hound of the Baskervilles  Region B (UK) Blu-ray  John Ford: Dreaming the Quiet Man  Blu-ray  Mississippi Burning  Blu-ray  Vincent & Theo  Blu-ray  The Sunshine Boys  Blu-ray  The Onion Field  Blu-ray  American Guerilla in the Philippines  DVD  The Bridge  Blu-ray  Tentacles &  Reptilicus  Blu-ray  Show Them No Mercy!  DVD
May 2015
 State of Siege  Blu-ray  The Island of Dr. Moreau  Blu-ray  Magician: The Astonishing Life & Works of Orson Welles  Blu-ray  Wolfen  Blu-ray  Shy People Savant Revival Review  A Man for All Seasons  Blu-ray  Carla's Song  Blu-ray  Cops and Robbers  Blu-ray  The Best House in London  DVD  1776  Blu-ray  Face to Face and  The Tramplers by Lee Broughton  DVD  The First Deadly Sin  DVD  Jamaica Inn  Blu-ray  The Confession  Blu-ray  Hombre  Blu-ray  Moonlighting  Blu-ray  Thank Your Lucky Stars  Blu-ray  Tarantula  UK Region B Blu-ray  It! The Terror from Beyond Space  Blu-ray  Ladyhawke  Blu-ray  The Midnight Special  DVD  Make Way for Tomorrow  Blu-ray  Seven Angry Men  DVD  The Beyond  Blu-ray  Richard III 1995  Blu-ray  The Premature Burial  Blu-ray  The Long Good Friday  UK Region B Blu-ray & PAL DVD
April 2015
 The Secret Invasion  Blu-ray  A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night  Blu-ray  Face of Fire  DVD  Mr. Turner  Blu-ray  Mysteries of the Unseen World  3-D Blu-ray  Blood and Black Lace  Region AB Blu-ray & DVD  Inherent Vice  Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD  42nd Street  Blu-ray  April Love  Blu-ray  Le Silence de la mer  Blu-ray  "X"  Blu-ray  Dance with Me, Henry  Blu-ray  That Man from Rio and  Up to His Ears  Blu-ray  Invaders from Mars 1986  Blu-ray  Zardoz  Blu-ray  Silent Ozu: Three Crime Dramas: Walk Cheerfully, That Night's Wife, Dragnet Girl  DVD  The Way Things Go  Blu-ray  The Friends of Eddie Coyle  Blu-ray  Why Be Good?  DVD  Blue Sky  Blu-ray  Hoop Dreams  Blu-ray  A Most Violent Year  Blu-ray + Digital HD  Solomon and Sheba  Blu-ray  Sullivan's Travels  Blu-ray
March 2015
 Odd Man Out  Blu-ray  Massacre Gun  Blu-ray  U Turn  Blu-ray  Hand of Death  DVD  Without a Clue  Blu-ray  The White Buffalo  Blu-ray  The Day Mars Invaded Earth  DVD  The Imitation Game  Blu-ray + Digital HD  The Babadook  Blu-ray  Journey to the Center of the Earth  Blu-ray  First Men in the Moon  Blu-ray  The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry  Blu-ray  Miami Blues  Blu-ray  Day of Anger  Blu-ray + DVD  The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies  3-D Blu-ray  Goodbye to Language  3-D Blu-ray  Forbidden Hollywood Volume 8: Blonde Crazy, Strangers May Kiss, Hi Nellie!, Dark Hazard  The Soft Skin  Blu-ray  The Falcon and the Snowman  Blu-ray  Alice's Restaurant  Blu-ray  Like Water for Chocolate  Blu-ray  Musicals: 4-Movie Collection: Kiss Me Kate  3-D, Calamity Jane, The Band Wagon, Singin' in the Rain  Blu-ray  Kiss Me Kate  3-D Blu-ray  The Liberator  Blu-ray  Muscle Beach Party  Blu-ray  Ride the Pink Horse  Blu-ray  The Manchurian Candidate  UK Region B Blu-ray & PAL DVD  Dear Heart  DVD
February 2015
 In the Land of the Head Hunters  Blu-ray  The Prowler  Blu-ray  The End of Violence  Blu-ray  The Sure Thing  Blu-ray  Incident  DVD  To Sir, With Love  Blu-ray  Caveman  Blu-ray  A Day in the Country  Blu-ray  Stormy Weather  Blu-ray  The Night They Raided Minsky's  Blu-ray  The Killing  UK Region B Blu-ray  The St. Valentine's Day Massacre  Blu-ray  Syncopation  Blu-ray  How to Murder Your Wife  Blu-ray  Black Sunday  Blu-ray  The Connection  Blu-ray  Rabid  UK Region B Blu-ray  Lust for Life  Blu-ray  The Wild Angels  Blu-ray  Watership Down  Blu-ray  Kiss Me, Stupid  Blu-ray  The Day They Robbed the Bank of England  DVD  Nightcrawler  Blu-ray  The Purple Rose of Cairo  Blu-ray  A Hole in the Head  Blu-ray  Don't Look Now  Blu-ray  Far from the Madding Crowd  Blu-ray  God Told Me To  Blu-ray
January 2015
 Why Don't You Play In Hell?  Blu-ray  Running On Empty  DVD  55 Days at Peking  UK Region B Blu-ray  Pork Chop Hill  Blu-ray  The Palm Beach Story  Blu-ray  The Black Scorpion widescreen  DVD  No Highway in the Sky  DVD  The Weapon  Blu-ray  The Bride Wore Black  Blu-ray  May in the Summer  Blu-ray  World for Ransom  Blu-ray  Breaking Away  Blu-ray  The Night Porter  Blu-ray  The Girl Who Knew Too Much  Blu-ray  The Russians are Coming the Russians are Coming  Blu-ray  Fury  Blu-ray  Bloody Sunday  DVD  52 Pick-Up  Blu-ray  Till the End of Time  DVD  Into the Woods  Blu-ray  The Twilight Samurai  Blu-ray  The Ultimate Invaders from Mars Savant Article Reboot  Ten Seconds to Hell  Blu-ray  Adua and Her Friends  Blu-ray  Kinoshita and World War II  DVD  The Boys from Brazil  Blu-ray

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