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November 5, 2005

Chiller: Blood Trilogy anniversary

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Ah, here's what made it all worthwhile for this gorehound! A once-in-a-lifetime Blood Feast reunion: The Godfather of Gore himself, Herschell Gordon Lewis. His partner in crime, Dave Friedman. Would be Ishtar sacrifice, Connie Mason. And horror's very first grueslinger, Mal Arnold as Fuad Ramses! In this schlockcast, listen as the four ghouls of honor mark The Blood Trilogy's 40th anniversary with colorful yarns from yesteryear and field questions from a new generation of schlockmeisters. Listen using this handy player or download the complete schlockcast (39 min, 22 mb).

Afterward, yours truly moseyed over to the autograph tent for an audience with my friend and hero, The Godfather of Gore. Visiting with Herschell is always such a joy. It was especially great to hear him beam over Grim Fairy Tales. (More on that in a sec.)

I then stepped away to gush over the goreteur for a documentary Jimmy Maslon's working on. Says to look for it next year -- maybe even on The Discovery Channel.

Now I didn't lug two prized posters all this way for nothing, so I pestered Ms. Mason to sign them. True to reputation, she was quite the pistol and 86'd my fussy desire to have her use the same pen Dave and Herschell had. Instead, as I carefully spelled my name aloud -- N-O-E-L. You know, like Christmas -- she sweetly scrawled on my Two Thousand Maniacs! poster:

To Knoel (Heart)
Blessings Love and Hugs
Your Playmate Connie Mason
June '63

Charming. Thankfully, a simple "Connie Mason" sufficed for my original Blood Feast one sheet. She then informed me they'd be $35 a pop. Ouch! That's when I called Fuad over.

Mr. Arnold's a gent. He got a hoot out of my favorite Fuad frame grab I had printed as an 8x10. Gladly personalized it. Admired and signed my Blood Feast poster too! Told me how he used to have one -- until he loaned it to a friend. Oh, by the way, Mal reluctantly accepted $5 for two autographs. What a pleasure!

A huge THANK YOU! to Something Weird Video and Chiller for teaming to celebrate this auspicious anniversary with such a rapturous reunion. And how 'bout that eye-popper of a freebie poster!?!

Posted by G. Noel Gross at November 5, 2005 2:55 PM

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