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December 18, 2005

Re: Mourning Misty

Warm soul that he is, Seduction Cinema grand poobah and CineSchlocker idol Mike Raso attempts to dry my tears with a cheery bit o' Yuletide news: Misty Mundae will appear as Misty Mundae at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in Chicago this March ...


I have to admit it, your R.I.P. Obit of Misty Mundae has caused quite a bit of confusion in the fan community and a bit of stir in our offices. While all news is good news, I do think that your proclamation that MISTY MUNDAE IS DEAD was a bit dramatic and, from our corporate/brand perspective, not true.

What IS true is that Misty Mundae has retired from soft-core films. Also true is the fact that ei Independent Cinema owns the name Misty Mundae and although Misty is acting outside the ei Studio system under the name Erin Brown, we indend to continue to produce new feature films with the one, only and original Misty Mundae.

I invite you to announce/promote the exciting news below, which will be announced next week on the website.

As always, thanks for your interest and support of our films. I am at your service if you have any questions.

Michael Raso
Executive Producer
Production / Marketing
ei Independent Cinema

So, to clarify: What died was the side of Ms. Mundae that made her wanna strip nekkid and tongue rassle Darian Caine in a half dozen flicks a year. (I still say that's a loss worth mourning.)

More on Weekend of Horrors ...


Join indie horror label/studio Shock-O-Rama Cinema, cult horror director Brett Piper and ‘B’ movie starlet Misty Mundae (Bite Me, Screaming Dead) for the Fangoria “Weekend of Horrors,” Saturday & Sunday, March 4 & 5, 2006, at the Wyndham O’Hare Hotel, in Chicago, IL. Piper and Mundae will be appearing throughout the weekend to promote the upcoming home video release of Shock-O-Rama (April 25, 2006) ...

ei and Shock-O-Rama Cinema are both pleased and proud to announce that Shock-O-Rama will also screen at the Weekend of Horrors -– its Chicago premiere! This follows up the film’s first ever screening at the September ’05 “Weekend of Horrors,” in the Meadowlands, New Jersey, where convention attendees enthusiastically received Shock-O-Rama. ei Cinema President Michael Raso considers a Fangoria screening, “…quite a privilege and one that Shock-O-Rama Cinema will always strive to treat as such. Fangoria is the number one horror publication in the world, and when they embrace a film that we have produced, licensed or acquired, how can we not be totally thrilled and honored?” ...

The “Weekend of Horrors” represents Misty Mundae’s first convention appearance in over a year with Shock-O-Rama Cinema, who is thrilled to have her participation in what will surely be an exciting promotional event in support of Shock-O-Rama. Heavy duty Misty fans eager to meet their favorite ‘B’ star need wait no longer.

For more information on Fangoria Magazine’s Chicago “Weekend of Horrors,” check out [link] ...

Posted by G. Noel Gross at December 18, 2005 5:40 PM

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