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November 5, 2005

Chiller: Signing tent

"If you can't find a friend -- make one."

Actually, I made two! Enchantress Angela Bettis and director Lucky McKee of May. Lots going on with these two. Lucky is just off Showtime's Masters of Horror where he subbed for a sidelined Roger Corman. While Angela recently directed Lucky in the title role of Roman -- an upcoming companion piece to May! (Excuse me while I squeal like a giddy school girl!) Speaking of, Lucky's next feature, The Woods, takes place at an all-girls boarding school.

Nearby, everyman auteur George Romero greeted the masses. As did every zombie who ever noshed a brainpan in one of his pictures. At 20 bucks a head, that's nearly $480,000 by my count. Too rich for me, so I just gawked.

Told Eugene Clark how much I loved Big Daddy in Land of the Dead. (That's free.) Nodded knowingly at Howard "Bub" Sherman of Day of the Dead. (Not a cent.) Smiled at Gaylen Ross of Dawn of the Dead and Judith O'Dea of Night of the Living Dead. (Also free.)

Couldn't resist getting J.R. Ewing's autograph. (It's actually a Christmas gift.) I'd show you a picture of my grinning mug alongside Mr. Hagman, but that would've been an extra $10. He's a busy man, don't you know.

Told Courtney Gains how criminal it was that Hardbodies isn't available on DVD yet. He wholeheartedly agreed. But the coolest cat of 'em all? Fred "The Hammer" Williamson!

Other celeb sightings: Adrienne Barbeau, Robert Culp, Bill Daily, Gates McFadden (who's stunning in person), Elvira, Keven Sorbo, Burt Ward, Darian Caine, Warwick Davis, Leslie Easterbrook, David Emge, Mark Goddard, Stuart Gordon, John Landis (who's sort of an obnoxious loud mouth), Betsy Palmer (Jason's mom!), Steve Railsback, Tom Savini, Dwight Schultz, Seka, Tiffany Shepis and two Why-are-they-here? nominees ... Tonya Harding (Yes, her!) and Survivor: Australia's Jerri Manthey (Great hair!)

Posted by G. Noel Gross at November 5, 2005 4:09 PM

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