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This Week's Notable Releases: Monsters University, Family Tree, and Free Samples
Monsters University This week several great movies are coming out, including a few that shouldn't be missed: Monsters University [review] - this is a fun, incredibly well-crafted piece of animation and the Blu-ray features a superb presentation with a healthy dose of bonus content... a disc that belongs on any animation fan's shelf; Family Tree: The Complete First Season [review] - it starts out a bit slow, this Christopher Guest-helmed HBO series picks up its game, layering in weirdos and great actors until it became a worthy successor to Guest's great films; and Free Samples [review] - a simple but pleasant film and anyone else who works with the public will likely identify with many of the situations. Be sure to check out our DVD Talk Review Database for all the latest reviews including an entire section devoted to reviews of DVDs out this week.

TV on DVD: Nashville, Mama's Family, and The Good Wife
Nashville: The Complete First Season TV on DVD remains very popular with more and more favorites being released. New TV reviews include: Nashville: The Complete First Season - a program with solid characters, good scripts, and worthy direction... but it's the music that is the most impressive thing about the show; Mama's Family: The Complete Series - a funny little show that holds up remarkably well all these years later, and this complete series set includes a ridiculous amount of extras; and The Good Wife: The Fourth Season - this top-nothch program earns the award for "Best Show Under the Popular Radar." Other shows recently reviewed include:  The New Three Stooges - Complete Cartoon Collection, How I Met Your Mother: Season Eight, and Betty Boop - The Essential Collection, Volume 2.  Want more?  Check out all of the TV on DVD reviews in the DVDTalk database.

DVD Savant: James Dean, Baby Peggy and The Other
Baby Peggy: The Elephant in the Room This week the DVD Savant has a number of new reviews and articles including: James Dean Ultimate Collector's Edition - James Dean's trio of film greats, each by a star director, get the HD treatment in this gift boxed set; Baby Peggy: The Elephant in the Room - Vera Iwerebor's fascinating and uplifting documentary was created in conjunction with 'Baby Peggy' herself who spent her entire baby-and-childhood working as a 6-days-a-week actress in silent pictures; and The Other - Robert Mulligan expresses well the impressionable, wondrous state of childhood, and turns his talent to an exceedingly skilled but repellent horror drama. Read all this and more in this week's DVD Savant.

New Movie Reviews: Carrie, 12 Years a Slave, and Wadjda
Carrie (2013) Check out DVD Talk's latest reviews of movies that are in theatrical release. This week's crop includes: Carrie (2013) [a 2nd review] - Carrie White is back in a fresh adaptation of the original Stephen King story and this new iteration works perfectly well; and 12 Years a Slave - director Steven McQueen impresses in every area possible with a beautifully-crafted piece of filmmaking... one of the best films of the year; and Wadjda - a very good movie brought to life by actors who have a natural comfort on screen and a writer/director with an assured grasp of storytelling language. Other recent films include: Captain Phillips, Escape From Tomorrow, Gravity, Inequality for All, Prisoners, and The World's End. Check out these, and more, in DVDTalk's Theatrical Review section.

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